Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pre-Party at Nana & Boppy's

After the softball tournament and an evening of skating, the girl was exhausted so we let her sleep in on Saturday morning. Tonto and I both got a work out in while she was sleeping and then I made these...

...because we were heading to a pre-Memorial Day BBQ at Nana and Boppy's house.

This little guy came along for the fun. Forget happy feet - he has a happy face, doesn't he?

Boppy was already hard at work on the grill...

...but Tonto go in on the action as well.

Seriously, y'all, there were ribs, sausage and corn on the regular pit while there was a brisket and whole turkey in the smoker. Loads of food. Not to mention potato salad, baked beans and amazing garlic bread. It was a feast!

And she kept us entertained...

...with cartwheels, round offs and some water bottle trick that ended up in her trying to kick it and almost losing her footing. She thought it was hilarious. :-)

There was lots of story telling going on...

...and these are expressions I see from these two on a daily basis. Cracks. Me. Up.

After a bit, Donny's cousins - Beth and Bobby - joined us. I have not met two funnier people in my entire life. They. Were. Hilarious.

We laughed, joked, talked and ate for hours. Unfortunately, the girl wasn't fully rested yet and was getting very sleepy so we headed home about 9pm after a full and fun day.

When I went to sleep that night, my heart was seriously so full. Most people don't know the history - and I won't recount it for you - but let's just say that family gatherings (and fun!) like this weren't always the norm for us. In fact, there was a time I would have bet you every cent I would make in a lifetime that it would never happen.

But God is good. And He can work all - really, ALL! - things for good.

And I'm incredibly thankful.

We all crashed pretty quickly once at home because we had big plans for the following day: Hawaiian Falls Waterpark!