Thursday, February 12, 2015

Beauty on the Brazos

The photos that I take and post of this beauty are probably decreasing in regularity. And the stories I tell about her life are as well. That's certainly not because she doesn't have a million exciting things going on in her life. It's mostly because she has her own accounts and stories to tell. And I'm trying to respect that...most of the time.

But she recently needed a photo for an application submission and insisted on an up to date photo because her hair color recently changed... we went down to the Suspension Bridge and got a few (breezy and cold) shots on Superbowl Sunday.

She didn't feel well, was diagnosed with an infected throat the next morning, and had two animals to prepare for show...but - as usual - her sweet smile and sparkling eyes made an appearance.

Sometimes it's hard to believe this beauty is mine. And I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Last week was the annual McLennan County Junior Livestock Show. Unfortunately, the sinus issues I had been fighting for WEEKS finally manifested in a sinus infection and bronchitis (two for the price of one, eh?) and I was out of commission basically allll week. Like, I was only allowed to go up to the venue to see her show and then leave immediately.

The first day was heifer day and, honestly, it's kind of a blur for me. I know that Dottie was a bit stiff and had a sore foot from acting like a total butt head when being clipped (she actually just threw her large self on the ground at one point) but I really have nothing nice to say about the cow that she came in second to...but she's great looking cow and we're heading to Houston with her next month.

And I'm taking solace in the fact that heifers I've seen do well all year were in the bottom of their classes (for no reason) and ones that I've seen lose all year were champions all of a sudden. It really does depend on the judge. :)

Wednesday was the goat show and ol' Sprocket weighed in at a whopping 108 pounds. And wasn't even in the heaviest class. What???

Now it's no secret that success at MCJLS (or in this venue period) has not been on our side but that sort of changed this year. He was one spot out of being in the Top 10 and that was with a lamb/sheep judge taking the place of an actual, you know, goat judge four days before the show.

Apparently that was a big stink (or so I hear) but I actually had no idea until everything was basically over. And if a lamb judge is what it takes to get Taylor's animal out of the bottom of the pack, well, then I'm all for a lamb judge. :)

All in all, it was the most successful county show we've had and - from what I understand - Taylor had a great time with her friends, advisors and animals. And that's really what it's about. Not to mention they were able to sport their sweet new Barn Beauties jackets the entire time. (Think the equivalent of Diamond Girls for a baseball team - basically, they make goodie bags and support the show team.)

Next up Sprocket will be shown and sold (sniff) at the Midway Show at the end of this month. And then we'll head to our very first major show in March. Which is both exciting and nerve wracking. :)