Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorghum Festival at Heritage Village

We were super stoked about Labor Day (yes, I'm a bit behind posting) this year because Dave was actually off. While the arrival of multiples in the NICU threatened to take him away from us, we were blessed that others were able to work instead so we had some fabulous family fun!

On Saturday we watched the Baylor Bears beat Wake Forest - can I get a 'Sic 'em'? Sunday we headed to church and enjoyed a wonderful worship service. We, of course, ate well because that's what we do. Dave made some homemade chili so we pretty much just ate Frito pie all weekend. Does it get better than that?

We didn't have any plans for the actual holiday so our ears perked up when they featured a Sorghum Festival on the news. We headed out to Elm Mott to Heritage Village and were absolutely amazed! I had no idea there was Mennonite community so close. Or that they had such wonderful items for sale - pottery, woodworking, blacksmithing, etc.

Of course, this weekend they were making syrup (otherwise I guess it wouldn't have been called the Sorghum Festival) but it was really neat because they had horses grinding the sugar cane down before processing it. We actually make syrup where I'm from but we don't do the whole 'manual pressing of the cane with horses.' We take the easy way out.

Anyway, there's not a lot of description to go with these photos because it's just a beautiful place and that's what I was trying to capture. It was so much fun (but a little too hot) so I think my mom and I will head back out there when it's time to do some Christmas shopping.

Happy October to you all! Miss Taylor is SOOOO excited her birthday month has begun. :-)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Give Me Jesus

On September 11-12, my mom and I attended the Just Give Me Jesus revival at the Ferrell Center. It was put on by Angel Ministries and the main speaker was Anna Graham Lotz. Now, I have to confess to wondering, at first, if I would really like anyone other than Beth Moore. 

You see, I learned about Beth's studies right around the time my life hit bottom (aka The Dark Period). I was starting over in a new career, climbing out of the debt accumulated when I took off 6 months and my marriage was hanging on by a thread (and that's putting a positive spin on what the relationship was actually like at the time). 

I have since done many of her studies and can say, without reservation, that my family has been immensely blessed by her teachings. So, yes, I'm a bit of a Beth snob.

But can I just tell you that Anne Graham Lotz blew me away? She's amazing!

The first night she taught on the crucifixion of Jesus and it was the most powerful telling of the story I've ever experienced. She brought out so many details I'd never thought of but brought the house down when she said, "No one TOOK His life. He willingly GAVE it."

The next morning began with a great lesson about the resurrection of Jesus and, yes, it was just as fabulous as the lesson taught the night before. You know what I didn't expect, though? She was funny. Seriously. I didn't expect someone so stately and classy to be funny. But I was once again proven wrong.
Next up was a prayer session led by Jill Briscoe, who seriously makes you want to pray. Like, all the time. What an amazing woman with an amazing gift!
This guy is Fernando Ortega. While several of my co-workers had already heard (and fallen in love with) his music, I had not. He has this uncanny ability to lead you to the foot of the cross with his quiet, humble, powerful music. And by 'uncanny,' I mean 'it could only come from above.'
We broke for lunch after the prayer session so Mom and I headed to Chili's Too @ BU. It was great because we were able to get out of the rain (it STORMED all weekend - I likened it to healing rain :-) because the restaurant is under one of the parking garages. Front row parking was also a fabulous surprise. 

Before returning to the Ferrell Center, we treated ourselves to Starbuck's. While my mom's cafe mocha was yummy, it was nothing compared to my first experience with the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It was a magical experience that I hope to repeat often once the humidity leaves Central Texas for good this year. Yes, I know that will probably be December.
The next session was a workshop in which Anne taught how she personally does her quiet time each morning. She explained how she draws life lessons out of each verse and then turns them into personal questions. Life changing does not even begin to describe that session!
The final session was on Jesus reigning on the throne in anticipation of the second coming. She really knocked it out of the park and it was such a wonderful experience. It was also nice to have an entire two days where I didn't have to worry about laundry, snacks, making sure I spent enough time with Tay, etc. To dedicate that time to recharging was amazing. And it was super fun that my mom was able to come with me. Thank you, Boppy, for hanging out with Tay so we could go!
The foot of the cross. No more powerful place on Earth. Or beyond. Amen.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Happy Monday to all of my internet friends! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We certainly did...until Sunday evening that is...

We'll start out with the fun stuff first. On Friday evening Tay asked - well, it was really more like begging and pleading - to attend Parent's Night Out where she takes gymnastics. So we dropped her off around 6:30pm and headed out for Mexican food. It was super yummy!

We then continued our date night with a trip to good ol' Wal-Mart. It was grocery shopping time after all and can I just say it was much cheaper without small hands asking for every other thing she saw on the shelves?

Saturday morning Dave headed to work while Tay and I slept in. After working out and doing some laundry, we hit the nail salon and then I got a long overdue haircut. Trim, actually. 

Then we donned our green and gold and headed out to Floyd Casey Stadium. I shall now share a few pictures from last week's game that I never got took me a few days - or a week, can't rightly say - to come out of my funk after losing to UConn.

Miss Taylor standing next to #10 in her #10 jersey. This girl loves Robert Griffin III (RG3)!!
This tent in Touchdown Alley gives away yellow bracelets (like the Livestrong ones) that say 'Baylor.'
After getting her BU tattoo.

Last year the Baylor Line had a Waldo and it was so stinkin' funny to try to find him among all of the gold jerseys. This year they've gone with another classic - The Koolaid Man!
The picture above was taken at this week's game. Isn't she cute?

This wasn't the final score but it was close. NWLA actually scored 3 more points before it was all over. And we took a knee many times to keep from running up the score. Classy move by Art Briles, in my opinion.

BUGWB - some of you know that I was a member of the BUGWB color guard for two years. It was an amazing experience and their shows remain one of my favorite parts of the game.

Being silly toward the end of the game. Many fans had already gone home but my girl was intent on staying until the very end.

Taylor took this picture herself. She said "there just wasn't anything else to take a picture of." Yeah, ok, Taylor, there wasn't anything in the entire stadium? Methinks she has a crush on #10.
Apparently she got bored at this point and just started taking self portraits.

She was very proud to find a double peanut M&M in her bag. Oh the simple joys of life...
BUGWB again

The players praying together after the game

Now you may be asking what happened yesterday to turn such a great weekend into a melancholy mourning period. Well, friends, RG3 was injured on the first drive of the game and will be out for the rest of the season with an isolated ACL tear. We also lost one of our cornerbacks and our backup QB has a shoulder contusion. On his throwing shoulder.

So we may be looking at #11, Florence, to lead the Bears to victory this weekend against Kent State. He is cute as a button if I do say so myself. Then again, I've been told it's not a beauty pageant. 

So we're praying for RG3 and Mikhail Baker as they have surgery to fix their injuries. It's a definite blow to the Bears' season but they still have a great deal of talent and we have a great deal of confidence in Art Briles. (On a side note, I hope the color has come back to his face after it went ashen on Saturday evening when Robert went down.)

We did get a bit of good news today - RG3 will be granted a medical red shirt if he does not play in another game this season. You might be thinking, "how could he possibly play?" He actually played the entire first half of the game. After. Tearing. His. ACL. 

Can you say tough?

And I shall now return to my football prayer vigil...

Sic 'em!

P.S. Steph, it was awesome to see you and your adorable family at the game - a fabulous surprise :-)