Friday, June 19, 2015


Summertime is upon us. And we are enjoying these slower days. Don't get me wrong - life is still wackadoodle crazy with a toddler and teen but it's at least crazy at a bit slower pace right now. Tiny has taken full advantage of more down time and has recently become absolutely enamored by stuffed animals, dolls and toys of all sorts. She also prefers that Dave get in on the play game.

Truth be told, he's much better play time than I am. :)

We also checked out the local splash pad and, while she looked adorable, Tiny had no idea what to do at this place with random water. Hopefully she'll get into the swing of things next time.

We also went to the SLC pool (i.e. indoor) where she preferred the hot tub. And let's be clear that it wasn't actually hot. More like lukewarm. The rest of the water was quite cold and she was NOT having it. 

Surveying the lawn and neighborhood has become a bit of a summer staple. As have adorable outfits and shoes I wish came in my size.

She's also become quite the tiny terror when it's time for me to get dressed in the mornings. We generally have a short week when Dave only works a couple of week days followed by a long week where he works four or five 12-hour shifts in a row. That would be this week. So getting dressed with this munchkin is, let's say, an adventure. And tonight will be full of pizza, baseball and an early bedtime. Momma is tired.

Today was also my baby's last day in the baby room at daycare. It's amazing to me just how tiny she was on her first day. She was wearing preemie clothes and diapers. And they were too big! Now she's in a size 4 diaper and 9-12 month clothes. Yes, she's almost 19 months old so she's still super small. But the progress she's made is remarkable. As is the love her sweet teachers have shown her.

She is very rough and tumble, though, so I have no doubt she'll full embrace being an official toddler, going out side to the playground, and being a "big kid." :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Call of the Wild

Because of the unusual monsoon season we've been experiencing in Central Texas for far too many months, our outdoor activities have been somewhat limited. We wanted desperately to take Tiny to the zoo but the opportunities seemed to evade us...until Memorial Day. :)

She donned her finest patriotic accessories, hopped into the stroller (for a few minutes anyway) and became immediately fascinated by the various animals. It was an unseasonably cool - and less than 85% humidity - so it ended up being the perfect zoo day.

Told ya she only spent a few minutes in the stroller - she likes to be at eye level with the tallest person in attendance at any given event.

There was a pretty serious storm brewing - it flooded later in the afternoon - but that apparently makes the animals either active or lazy.

Can we talk about the funnel fries that are now available at the zoo? YUM!

Seriously. All of the animals were out. Except the giraffes.

We had such a fun morning with our little while the teen was sleeping in. We've had a bit more summer fun lately as well but the photo overload here has probably been enough for today. :)

And, yes, this picture is absolutely on of my favorites. EVER.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No Longer a Freshman

This has been a post I've been putting off because, honestly, it makes me kind of sad. I'm not upset at all that school is out and lazy summer days are in full force but knowing that my baby will never be a freshman again - and continues to grow up at an alarming pace - makes me a bit anxious. 

As does thinking about the fact that she'll only be in my house for a bit over three more years. Though I'm committed to making the absolute most of those years, I also don't want to let her go. But that's another discussion for another time.

It seems like yesterday that I dropped her off at the big ol' high school for her first day of 9th grade. She was nervous about the size of the school and wondered if she would ever find all of her classes. But she made it through the first day, sent me the pic below indicating they had survived, and - yes - she mastered that big ol' school very quickly.

For the most part, freshman year was much easier than I anticipated. The last time we transitioned to a new campus and way of doing things - 7th grade - was a HOT MESS for almost the entire year. So I was optimistic. But guarded. And she totally exceeded all of my expectations.

She thrived in class and ended the year with a GPA of well over 90. She and Dottie did extremely well in the ring and were Grand Champions multiple times...not to mention their second place finish in Houston. She continued to make good decisions about friends - and eventually a boyfriend (gasp!) - and surrounded herself with peers who are encouraging, fun to be around, and push each other to new heights. All while being normal teenagers. She also took on new challenges and was selected for Youth Council at church and is a Heart o' Texas Sweetheart.

She loves people. Truly cares for them. Is witty and makes me laugh every day. She enjoys Baby S much more than she'll admit and is quickly becoming one of Tiny's favorite people on the planet. She's growing up. Is so much more mature than I ever was at that age. Has a quirky and striking sense of fashion and has - along the way - also learned to be a gracious loser when things don't work out her way. 

Not gonna lie - I HATE that she has to learn that life isn't always fair and that you can't be successful all the time - but I'm so proud of how she's handled those situations.

So, as we wrap up a highly successful first year of high school, I could not be more proud of this sweet girl. Not only have she and her friends become even more stunning as the days have gone by, they've also become even better equipped to take on this big, scary world. 

And now we'll spend three months of campus, conventions, mission trips, weekend trips, beach vacations, and more fun than we can possibly stand. Wouldn't change it for a second. :)