Thursday, August 29, 2013

A New Era

So this week officially marked the end of summer as the first day of school came around on Tuesday. My girl was super chatty that morning (and has been every day after, actually) and didn't even put up too much of a fight when I snapped this pic. Yes, I realize she looks every bit of 22. Sigh...

It's been a long week of early mornings (hello, volleyball) and long evenings seeing as we also brought a new goat into the fold late last week. Meet Forrest!

Instead of forcing his hand (or hoof, as the case may be) like we did Bruiser, I decided to embark upon Operation Goat Bonding over the weekend. And, while he may appear to be smiling in this photo, I'm relatively certain he was more terrified than anything.

Soon, though, he got used to humans and has now officially become my very best friend on the planet. In fact, I'm gonna venture a guess and say he'll be much more of a lover than Bruiser ever was...mainly because he's already giving kisses. And no one taught him how - it was an innate trait.

Of course, he also takes after me where his eating habits are concerned. Nature vs nurture and all...

We also said goodbye to the GTO last week. We finally paid it off in May but were concerned any repairs would be uber expensive since it was a limited edition. And we also felt like it was time to venture into the truck game again seeing as how livestock shows will abound this fall. Tonto is a happy boy and there's now a Ram to haul goats. :-)

In addition to all this activity, high school football starts tomorrow and Baylor on Saturday. That sound you hear is the angels rejoicing. Let the most wonderful time of the year commence!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To the Aquarium We Shall Go

Several years ago (on our first trip to Galveston), we took the girl to Moody Gardens. And we visited every exhibit, attraction and corner of that place. Taylor has historically been against going back but her friend, H, really wanted to see the aquarium. Honestly, it's the best part and after T lost her for a bit at Schlitterbahn the day before (absolutely NOT on purpose), she felt it only right to oblige.

It was a rainy morning and spending it at the aquarium was PERFECT. See?

The shark tank was probably my favorite part...

...and that was BEFORE this happened. Best. Picture. Ever.

After snapping a few outside pics...

...we headed to Rainforest Cafe for a nice last meal on the island. Are they not the cutest???

The food was great and the atmosphere was even better. And now this pic is my favorite ever. I precious is she??

Last up was some last minute souvenir shopping. Because it's not a real vacation unless you have the %-shirt (or, in my child's case - hoodie) to prove it.

All in all, we had an amazing and relaxing time away. It was the perfect balance of activity and lazy beach bum, if you will. And now we're back in busy mode - goat duty (yes, a new fella), a new truck, back to school and so much more. But that will obviously need to wait for another day.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Vacation Monday brought about some transition - my parents headed home with Rambo while we were heading to a new location. But first I watched this amazing sunrise...

...which was even better...

...because I watched it on the deck with my dad with coffee in hand. :-)

This fella saw suitcases come out and was not amused. At. All.

After a delicious breakfast and packing the cars, we took one last look at this beautiful view...

...and headed to Schlitterbahn where we spend a lot more time relaxing than speeding down slides. Don't get me wrong - we did our share but this vacation was more about rewinding and recharging than being adrenaline junkies. In other words, we turned over a new leaf. 

After six hours or so at the waterpark, we checked into the new hotel and quickly learned the pool was FABULOUS.

Yep, that's a grotto you see. And clearly the closest to Playboy I'll ever be. At night, the entire pool lit up with underwater disco lights. And there was a poolside bar and grill along with a fire pit. Stinkin'. Awesome. Y'all.

Our last sunset on the island was spectacular...

...and, after a water-logged day, watching it while hanging out in the hotel room was about all the energy we could muster.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Laziest of Sundays

Once Sunday rolled around at the beach, everyone was in straight relaxation mode. And because it would be our last day at the beach house before moving to a different location, I was determined to soak up as much sun as possible.

So I literally spend almost all day here...

...while the girls spent most of theirs here or flying the Nemo kite off the top deck...

...and, after a date with my mom on The Strand, my dad spent a lot of time flying said kite as well.

Eventually the girls ventured out to the hammock...

...and, after a fabulous ribeye dinner, we all hit the golf course. The mini golf course, that is. :-)

A long, lazy day was just what we needed because things would be kicked up a notch come morning.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Relaxin' and Chillaxin'

Saturday morning came EARLY at the beach thanks to a bout of insomnia and some kids doing donuts in their truck. On a private beach. Which is, you know, illegal. Tonto and I took Rambo on a walk early the next morning where said truck was stuck. And then we saw them get a nice $500 ticket for being on the beach. It was sort of sweet justice. :-)

When we got back, Nana and Boppy were already making breakfast with this little guy watching on. He does love food.

My mom asked me to take a pic of her biscuits so my dad NEEDED a photo of him with his bacon. And now you know where I get it...

Soon we decided to head back to the beach...

...and play in the waves...

...before just relaxing on the beach for a while.

And then all of us (except Tonto, who continued playing in said waves) decided to take a lazy afternoon nap before getting dressed and heading to the Strand. Of course, you know there were "going out" photos were in order.

After dinner at Fisherman's Wharf, which was wonderful as usual, we hit the Strand...

...but it was so hot that we ended up just going to LaKing's for homemade ice cream and candy.

The girls and I decided to go for the gold and share a banana split.

Which was absolutely amazing, let me tell you.

After the girls decided which goodies needed to go home with them (taffy for Taylor, fudge for Hallie and rock candy for both), we headed back to the house for a quiet evening in...

...because what's the point in staying in a house on the beach if you can't be lulled to sleep by the waves?