Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the Boardwalk

So we're back from vacation. And, surprisingly, we're also unpacked and all the laundry has been done. It's like a summer miracle, friends. We again headed to Galveston this year. And back to the same beach house (for part of the time) but we also shook things up a bit. 

Last Thursday we packed up and then headed to Taylor's school where we got her registered and picked up her schedule for the new year. It was much less stressful for last time and I'm certainly hoping that's a good sign for the rest of the school year. Lord knows we need a better year ahead. Just being honest. :-)

After a relatively painless stint at MMS, we picked up T's friend (H) and headed to Kemah. We went to Pleasure Pier on the island last year and, while it was fun, I had heard much better things about the boardwalk here. And, y'all, it truly is SO MUCH BETTER.

After donning our armbands, the girls and I set out to conquer rides.

Adrenaline junkies have to stick together, right?

And taking silly selfies seems like the right thing to do when flying through the air.

Any time you ride a zebra or bedazzled horse, a photo op is also necessary.

Tonto spent most of his time this way. Too many concussions make spinning around in circles darn near impossible.

The girls also spent some time taking silly photos.

They had to take one doing the "Midway Pose," which I did not know existed until that very moment.

And then we did more of this...

...and thought we might actually lose our lives on the Inverter.

After rocking out to an awesome 80s cover band and playing in some water fountains, we headed to Mario's Flying Pizza. It was absolutely amazing and we even got to see our homemade pizza fly through the air on its way to the oven.

When we got back to the hotel, this happened.

And that's the moment I knew - without a doubt - it was going to be a fantabulous and silly time away.

Spoiler: I. Was. Right.