Thursday, August 8, 2013

Live from the ATX

Last Saturday we headed to Austin to make one of my girl's dreams come true - a visit to Donut Taco Palace. Do not ask me why but she heard about this place several weeks ago and really wanted to visit. Which is totally out of character for her so, as a good parent interested in developing my child's junk food palate, I found a time for a little trip.

As an added bonus, it would appear Donut Palace 4 (a food truck) is currently for sale.

And Taylor thought it would be a fantastic new business venture. I, on the other hand, did not.

On a related note, my child talked for WEEKS about eating here and then - my culinary purist - ordered a kolache. A. Plain. Kolache.

She asked to follow it up with a donut and, after perusing alllllll of the options, she landed on a plain glazed twist.

So, you know, that was awesome. And amusing. And ironic. Which totally sums up my girl.

Afterward, we headed to The Main Event for some glow in the dark golf, which is almost impossible to photograph, billiards, laser tag (which we never actually ended up playing) and psychedelic bowling. The first foray into bowling went well for some and absolutely horrible for others (i.e. me) but the second game was awesome. Obviously.

We finished up with some air hockey before heading back to Temple where we visited an old haunt (Old Jody's) and had the world's BEST hamburgers and onion rings on the planet. No exaggeration, friends.

All in all, it was a great day. So good to get away for a bit before my girl headed to Louisiana (yesterday) with my parents to visit my grandmother. It feels like I haven't seen her a lot lately so I'm incredibly thankful vacation is right around the corner. Never have I ever needed on more. 

Besides, who would want to miss out on visiting multiple amazing restaurants while at the beach...and repeatedly witnessing T order fried shrimp? Every. Single. Time.

I certainly wouldn't...


Natalie said...

Will saw the donut taco and was so jealous. He was like, "We have to go get that IMMEDIATELY."

Sage Harman said...

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