Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Daze

And then it was August. I've gotta admit that the beginning of this month feels like the beginning of the summer doldrums. It's incredibly hot, T's camps have come to a close and yet vacation is still a couple of weeks away. Though I know it will be the first day of school before we know it, this is the point in the summer when it feels like the heat will actually strangle a person and it will never end.

But then you happen upon a sunset like this and it seems like the world just may not be completely broken after all.

Last Saturday afternoon, I dropped the girl off for youth camp (after picking up a number of snacks she ended up not being allowed to have) with her friends from church.

As she headed off on another adventure, I got this sweet pic of Forrest from our breeder (the best one EVER!) and we learned he's a freckled little fella. :-)

This sweet thing arrived back home on Wednesday afternoon and talked non-stop for quite some time. And I looooved it. Doesn't happen very often.

This morning, as part of a work project, I found myself right across the Brazos River at this beauty. The stadium is rising up, y'all, and it's such an amazing process to witness.

And now the weekend is almost upon us and I'll be dreaming of this place while trying not to have a heat stroke.

And planning a wardrobe upgrade for this guy.

And dreaming of going here one day...