Friday, September 30, 2011

In Which There is a Greased Pig

Sunday evening we headed out to Top Hand Cowboy Church for a time of fun and fellowship. Last year was our first time to participate in this annual gathering and let me assure you my daughter will not ever miss heading to the cowboy church if she can help it. She loves it, y'all!

Getting ready for the coloring contest...

...which her friend (below) won...

Love the photo ops out there, for sure. One of these days maybe Tonto won't have to work and I can get him to sit on this bull...

There was also cowboy coffee but I didn't try any since I figured if I asked for some Pumpkin Spice syrup I might give away that I'm a city girl...

There's really something amazing about being outside and worshiping...

...and getting a word from the Word!

Soon it was time for the goat scramble...

...which someone participated in while wearing a Cookie Monster shirt...

...but when it was the big kids' turn, the ante was upped, y'all...

...and it took a bit longer to track down the larger variety... :-)

The last event of the night was my favorite both last year and this time around...the chasing of the greased pig...

Last year our church took home the coveted trophy (complete with a feather boa) but as you can see from the photo below, those Top Hand cowboys were intent on keeping it this year...

...and they succeeded!

It was such a fun evening and, aside from being 100+ degrees, was absolutely delightful. It was an incredibly busy weekend but I decided going in that we were going to attend everything on our calendar and the housework could wait.

I'm so thankful we did just that...but if you need me this weekend, I'll be at the house doing laundry and dusting. :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last week I received an email with some "football ramblings" that are generally pretty spot on. In said email, the author indicated that the Bears would be having Rice-a-Roni for dinner Saturday evening. And he was absolutely correct.

At the end of the first quarter we had scored three touchdowns while the Owls had yet to get on the board.

While I would generally feel for our opponent at this point (though, let's be honest, not enough that I would will them a touchdown), the attitude of these players and coaches left a great deal to be desired. Therefore, my heart was not stirred. Not even a little bit.

My understanding is that is was made quite clear on the field that the Owls were in Waco with the express intent to hurt a few Bears. To the point that it would ruin their season. And, in my opinion, that's simply not cool. 

Let's not even talk about the assistant coach's actions on the blood pressure can't handle it, friends...

All that being said, we had a delightful evening and were blessed with a beautifully painted sky...

...and I'll have you know the stadium ERUPTED when this score came up... :-)

Before we knew it, the fourth quarter was upon us and our starters not only came out of the game but took off their shoulder pads and began removing the tape from their ankles. Does that tell you anything about the score?

We got our long-awaited look at Bryce Petty, the QB in waiting, who really looked good but it was hard to tell too much since we were purposefully trying not to score.

And remember when I mentioned the Head & Shoulders commercial? Well, take a gander at #68 in the photo below with his mane unleashed. Now tell me I'm wrong, y'all....

In the end, we let them score a couple of times out of the goodness of Briles' heart. 

And our starters had a nice time entertaining folks in the stands while they were on the sideline. It was clearly a treat for them to have the game in hand so well that they were able to rest.

And to the ladies walking out of the stadium behind us and were so ugly about our defense "letting those passes be caught at the end of the game," might I point out it was our THIRD STRING DEFENSE?

Needed to get that off my chest, friends... :-)

And happy Thursday to one and all!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

March O' the Bears

Last Saturday was filled with festivities of the green and gold persuasion as we welcomed Rice University to Floyd Casey Stadium. Judging from the attitudes of said university's coaches and players, they weren't as thrilled to be there as we were to have them but that's a story for another day. Or tomorrow. 

Luckily, I actually remembered my camera this week so there's some eye candy here other than 1,000 random words typed by yours truly.

There he is, friends. Robert Griffin III. Otherwise known as one of Taylor's best buds. :-) And the big guy behind and to the right is Cyril Richardson who has a mane that could be featured in a Head & Shoulders commercial. Watch out, Palamolu!

RG3 and Terrance Ganaway, who I saw last week and was incredibly friendly.

The man with the defensive plan - Phil Bennett. I also saw him recently and he told me Baylor fans "sure are friendly."

Yes. Yes, we are.

Big Griff (aka Robert T. Griffin) - also a really nice guy who has a very tender heart. Off the field anyway. On the field he is a force to be reckoned with, friends.

In the hat you'll see Mike Hicks, a local boy, who is the interception king!

Beau Blackshear, former Midway standout, gives us his best smirk :-)

Receivers, friends. They. Are. Amazing.

Hello, Big D!

Coach Art Briles - an offensive genius. A genius who laughed heartily when I told him at Meet the Bears that I wanted our team to make TCU cry. I believe we may have succeeded....

Mr. Hardworking Player of the Game. No kidding - amazing tackles and an interception run back for a TD. Also a former Midway standout.

After the march, we headed back to our tailgating tent for some fried chicken, chips and dip, sandwiches and cookie cake. YUM!

These two had a blast at the game getting their face painted, eating snowcones and just being fun-loving 'tween girls...

My mom wasn't feeling well so she stayed at home but Boppy was being bold in his gold shirt. He also brought a television so we could watch OSU come back and dash the dream of Texas A&M. So, basically, he was big hit at the ol' tailgate!

Our friends, Scott and Christy, who we also go to church with...they're a super fun and sweet couple.

And this concludes our pre-game activities. It was really hot but not 112 degrees like the TCU game so I guess complaining really isn't wise lest those temps return. 

It was a super fun afternoon leading up to the game and we had great food, fellowship and fun. So grateful for these memories...even if I did my fair share of whining while putting the tent up. Boy, I can't wait for Tonto to be able to attend again in November! :-)

Happy Wednesday, y'all...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Midway Homecoming

Last Friday marked Homecoming for Midway ISD where my girl attends school. I offered to make her a mum several times but she declined my offer so imagine my surprise when all of her friends flocked to her upon arrival sporting giant mums.

And they were from boys, y'all.

When I asked Tay why she decided not to ask if she could go with a boy, her response was "They all really annoy me." And I am so ok with her that I could have kissed her on the spot. Unfortunately, I learned from one of her friends that she has a "love/hate relationship" with one boy in particular.

Please pass the nerve pills.

Anyway, we played Austin Bowie and their mascot is clearly the bulldog....

Because it was Homecoming, the band performed before the game. They're doing a "Stained Glass" show this year and it's really good.

My man has no idea what he's looking at while they perform so I try to impart a bit o' wisdom at each game. Just one point at a time, though, so it can soak in :-)

For those who don't know I was in color guard for eight years, including two at Baylor. A girl may put down her rifle/flagpole/saber but it never leaves her heart. No, ma'am, it does not.

The game began shortly after and I was expecting a commanding performance as we appeared to be back on track last week...

...but it turned into somewhat of a fumble-o-rama...or a pick-fest...whichever you prefer...

We were leading at halftime (though not by enough for me to be completely comfortable) and it was Austin Bowie's turn. Apparently they prefer to be called an "outdoor performing ensemble." And they are also award-winning or so the announcer said about six times.

They were extremely impressive. Easy to see why they've won all of those awards!

Next up was crowning of the Homecoming Queen. Though I don't know her, she has a fabulous name (Taylor) and I was told by a number of people that she is an amazing young lady. Beautiful on the inside and out. :-)

In the end, we managed to score a bit more and won by 11 points.

After the game, the girl and one of her friends hit Sonic with me before heading for a late night H-E-B run to pick up necessary tailgating supplies. For, you see, this was a double header football weekend as the Bears took on the Rice Owls on Saturday evening. But that's another post (or three)...

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is the first day of fall, which has historically been one of my favorite seasons for a variety of reasons. A crisp morning can make one forget about those sweltering days of summer in a matter of minutes. Football season continues, basketball season begins, a number of holidays are celebrated and my girl celebrates her birthday. There also seems to be good food around every corner as football tailgates, holiday gatherings and trick or treating are in abundant supply.

But this year is different.

Truth be told everything about this year in general has been different. And mostly difficult. But please don't get me wrong - there have also been many joyous moments and we've had a lot of just downright fun times. For those I am grateful.

In fact, I did very well over the summer and as my girl began sixth grade. But now fall is upon us.

And what I'm supposed to be doing this fall is welcoming a new baby into the world. Into our family. Celebrating a new beginning and the fulfillment of a promise I've been certain was given several years ago even though it made absolutely no sense at the time. But then it came to fruition and I was stunned.

And then it was over...

The funny thing about life, though, is that it keeps moving regardless of what type of personal season you're experiencing. Personally I don't think that's really fair but, then again, we were never promised fair. Or easy. Or delight at every corner.

What we were promised was difficulty along the path to eternal life. And that our Savior would never leave us along the way. Some seasons are darker than others. Truth be told, this seems to be the never ending season and I'm tired of feeling like every day is running a marathon just to make it through. Part of that has to do with the sheer busyness of this time of year, I am certain, but my guess it the other part makes things seem much worse than they are....

But here's what I know to be true: If you believe Him, He will show you His glory. (source: Beth Moore) And I believe Him. I choose to each and every day. When I don't feel like it and when I do. Day in and day out.

Regardless of anything else going on, I know Him to be real. And true. This is just a season. It will pass. He will redeem it one way or another. If I were a betting woman, my money would be on Him doing it in such a way that my mind will be absolutely blown and it will be much more beautiful than anything I could have dreamed.

I want a front row seat for this glorious display whatever it may be...

So, Lord, though the days seem excruciatingly long and - at times - incredibly dark, I'm trusting you to be the lamp as we put one foot in front of the other. I am so grateful for the bright spots of the man and the girl. And that we're a family who loves to laugh. Because laughter seems to be a balm to even the most wounded soul.

The season may be heavy but your burden is not. And when your glory is revealed, I pray others will know - without a doubt - that there is absolutely no explanation for this turnaround except a magnificent and amazing God who is always present.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13 NIV

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dancing Queen ~ the Sequel

When my girl was three years old, we enrolled her in a dance class. It was a tap/ballet combo and she picked up the steps rather quickly. And then she got bored. So she would play around in class and then rock it on stage at the recital. It was almost comical.

For us anyway. I'm relatively certain her teachers didn't find it quite as amusing.

She dance for two more years though the third was cut short cut due to a fractured foot she suffered on the kindergarten playground. And to the principal who did nothing but complain because she was crying when we picked her up, HER FOOT WAS BROKEN AND SHE WAS IN KINDERGARTEN!

Sorry, apparently I've been waiting a few years to get that off my chest...

Anyway, during her younger dancing years I always seemed to be exhausted when it was time to take her to class but we trudged through. Our lives always seemed to be crazy on recital weekend and I, quite frankly, spent more time running around like a chicken with my head cut off than enjoying the moment.

Her final year was absolutely insane for a variety of reasons. Almost all of them self-inflicted. I  can promise you there was not a lot of joy in our home at all much less when it came to extracurricular activities.

Why am I bringing up the past? Well, because I've recently realized that I was given a do-over. While there are many more opportunities to right a wrong I would welcome, that's not always possible. In this particular instance it was...and He allowed it. And I am grateful.

Last year my girl decided she wanted to take up dancing again. She had turned her attention tumbling during the interim years but was afraid to go back after her elbow injury/surgery/rehab. Can't really say I blame her, really...

But dance she did. And she liked it. It wasn't love but definite like. And we had the opportunity to participate in another recital. She gave a great performance and I was so proud. As that weekend approached, I prayed that it would be fun. Enjoyable. Delightful even.

And it was...

And now she's back to tumbling. And loving it. I'm grateful for the do-over, thankful He helped us to make the wrong right, and incredibly proud she's tackling her round off at a time...