Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is the first day of fall, which has historically been one of my favorite seasons for a variety of reasons. A crisp morning can make one forget about those sweltering days of summer in a matter of minutes. Football season continues, basketball season begins, a number of holidays are celebrated and my girl celebrates her birthday. There also seems to be good food around every corner as football tailgates, holiday gatherings and trick or treating are in abundant supply.

But this year is different.

Truth be told everything about this year in general has been different. And mostly difficult. But please don't get me wrong - there have also been many joyous moments and we've had a lot of just downright fun times. For those I am grateful.

In fact, I did very well over the summer and as my girl began sixth grade. But now fall is upon us.

And what I'm supposed to be doing this fall is welcoming a new baby into the world. Into our family. Celebrating a new beginning and the fulfillment of a promise I've been certain was given several years ago even though it made absolutely no sense at the time. But then it came to fruition and I was stunned.

And then it was over...

The funny thing about life, though, is that it keeps moving regardless of what type of personal season you're experiencing. Personally I don't think that's really fair but, then again, we were never promised fair. Or easy. Or delight at every corner.

What we were promised was difficulty along the path to eternal life. And that our Savior would never leave us along the way. Some seasons are darker than others. Truth be told, this seems to be the never ending season and I'm tired of feeling like every day is running a marathon just to make it through. Part of that has to do with the sheer busyness of this time of year, I am certain, but my guess it the other part makes things seem much worse than they are....

But here's what I know to be true: If you believe Him, He will show you His glory. (source: Beth Moore) And I believe Him. I choose to each and every day. When I don't feel like it and when I do. Day in and day out.

Regardless of anything else going on, I know Him to be real. And true. This is just a season. It will pass. He will redeem it one way or another. If I were a betting woman, my money would be on Him doing it in such a way that my mind will be absolutely blown and it will be much more beautiful than anything I could have dreamed.

I want a front row seat for this glorious display whatever it may be...

So, Lord, though the days seem excruciatingly long and - at times - incredibly dark, I'm trusting you to be the lamp as we put one foot in front of the other. I am so grateful for the bright spots of the man and the girl. And that we're a family who loves to laugh. Because laughter seems to be a balm to even the most wounded soul.

The season may be heavy but your burden is not. And when your glory is revealed, I pray others will know - without a doubt - that there is absolutely no explanation for this turnaround except a magnificent and amazing God who is always present.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13 NIV


Ang said...

My heart hurts for you, sweet friend. I am in a season right now, myself, where it feels like my life is apparently supposed to be an example of perseverance under a deluge of stress. It's tough. Sometimes I want to throw up my hands and run away. Then, I remember back to other seasons when I felt this way, and I try to remind myself that the season changed ... eventually. This one will, too. I appreciate being reminded that I'm not the only one on the journey.