Monday, September 26, 2011

Midway Homecoming

Last Friday marked Homecoming for Midway ISD where my girl attends school. I offered to make her a mum several times but she declined my offer so imagine my surprise when all of her friends flocked to her upon arrival sporting giant mums.

And they were from boys, y'all.

When I asked Tay why she decided not to ask if she could go with a boy, her response was "They all really annoy me." And I am so ok with her that I could have kissed her on the spot. Unfortunately, I learned from one of her friends that she has a "love/hate relationship" with one boy in particular.

Please pass the nerve pills.

Anyway, we played Austin Bowie and their mascot is clearly the bulldog....

Because it was Homecoming, the band performed before the game. They're doing a "Stained Glass" show this year and it's really good.

My man has no idea what he's looking at while they perform so I try to impart a bit o' wisdom at each game. Just one point at a time, though, so it can soak in :-)

For those who don't know I was in color guard for eight years, including two at Baylor. A girl may put down her rifle/flagpole/saber but it never leaves her heart. No, ma'am, it does not.

The game began shortly after and I was expecting a commanding performance as we appeared to be back on track last week...

...but it turned into somewhat of a fumble-o-rama...or a pick-fest...whichever you prefer...

We were leading at halftime (though not by enough for me to be completely comfortable) and it was Austin Bowie's turn. Apparently they prefer to be called an "outdoor performing ensemble." And they are also award-winning or so the announcer said about six times.

They were extremely impressive. Easy to see why they've won all of those awards!

Next up was crowning of the Homecoming Queen. Though I don't know her, she has a fabulous name (Taylor) and I was told by a number of people that she is an amazing young lady. Beautiful on the inside and out. :-)

In the end, we managed to score a bit more and won by 11 points.

After the game, the girl and one of her friends hit Sonic with me before heading for a late night H-E-B run to pick up necessary tailgating supplies. For, you see, this was a double header football weekend as the Bears took on the Rice Owls on Saturday evening. But that's another post (or three)...

Happy Monday!


Ang said...

I knew I liked you for dozens of reasons, but now I have one more! I didn't realize that you were also in Colorguard! I did flags & rifles. :D