Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I Don't Want to Forget

Though this summer has clicked along at lightning speed and been chaotic at times, there are so many sweet moments that I simply don't want to forget...

1. Spending time with my girl during my lunch hour. True, we spent many days packing or planning the next activity but there's something special about girl time in the middle of the day.

2. Watching the girl snorkel along right behind Tonto while we were in South Padre. Every time I looked up, she was stuck to him like glue and all you could see were their fins and snorkels.

3. Hanging out with my man while the girl was at her various camps. Not because we did anything extraordinary but because we just were...even when we weren't exactly on the same page, he was still there...

4. Watching my girl be so sweet with the Puppy Posse. She truly believes each of them possesses the same emotions she does and absolutely doesn't want to hurt their feelings. Ever.

5. Sharing Wendy's with the girl the day before she left for each camp as a "special sendoff."

6. Our epic sand fight on our last evening on South Padre. We were all covered from head to toe (including mouths and ear canals)...though we got a few strange looks, we were all laughing hysterically. Loved it!

7. Late night crabbing on the  beach with the man and the girl. And having a guy show us one he had caught that was the largest crab I've ever seen!

8. How it felt to see our guys pull out a win over TCU. Not just because it was a "W" but because they are amazing young men whose hard work and determination was rewarded.

9. The pride I felt in Tonto last week as he assisted two older gentlemen (on back to back evenings) who were in pretty dire need of medical assistance. Thankfully both were able to get to the hospital very quickly.

10. Watching my girl grow into a really funny (though strong-willed) 'tween. She has a personality as big as Texas and it makes my heart swell to watch her take on the world with gusto. I also love that she has a very sweet - and eclectic - group of friends. They compliment each other nicely :-)