Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last week I received an email with some "football ramblings" that are generally pretty spot on. In said email, the author indicated that the Bears would be having Rice-a-Roni for dinner Saturday evening. And he was absolutely correct.

At the end of the first quarter we had scored three touchdowns while the Owls had yet to get on the board.

While I would generally feel for our opponent at this point (though, let's be honest, not enough that I would will them a touchdown), the attitude of these players and coaches left a great deal to be desired. Therefore, my heart was not stirred. Not even a little bit.

My understanding is that is was made quite clear on the field that the Owls were in Waco with the express intent to hurt a few Bears. To the point that it would ruin their season. And, in my opinion, that's simply not cool. 

Let's not even talk about the assistant coach's actions on the blood pressure can't handle it, friends...

All that being said, we had a delightful evening and were blessed with a beautifully painted sky...

...and I'll have you know the stadium ERUPTED when this score came up... :-)

Before we knew it, the fourth quarter was upon us and our starters not only came out of the game but took off their shoulder pads and began removing the tape from their ankles. Does that tell you anything about the score?

We got our long-awaited look at Bryce Petty, the QB in waiting, who really looked good but it was hard to tell too much since we were purposefully trying not to score.

And remember when I mentioned the Head & Shoulders commercial? Well, take a gander at #68 in the photo below with his mane unleashed. Now tell me I'm wrong, y'all....

In the end, we let them score a couple of times out of the goodness of Briles' heart. 

And our starters had a nice time entertaining folks in the stands while they were on the sideline. It was clearly a treat for them to have the game in hand so well that they were able to rest.

And to the ladies walking out of the stadium behind us and were so ugly about our defense "letting those passes be caught at the end of the game," might I point out it was our THIRD STRING DEFENSE?

Needed to get that off my chest, friends... :-)

And happy Thursday to one and all!