Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Costume Party

Saturday was supposed to be a big day in our house because we were all going to a costume party. One that had been well thought out and for which lots of items had been purchased. In the end, though, only my girl was able to attend since Tonto had an unfortunate incident in the yard with Prissy that involved his knee.

That's all I'm going to say about that...

...but my girl did look precious (and much too grown up) as Little Red Riding Hood.

She even let me straighten her hair so it was a double score. Also, this kid has a TON of hair. And straightening takes a long time. But that means I get one-on-one time with her so it's totally worth it in my book.

She had a fabulous time with her friends, celebrated her bestie's birthday, and spent the night. My guess is she also stayed up really late but she was in a great mood when she got home and didn't complain about taking care of Bruiser so who am I to complain?

And to make up for Saturday night, I got a breakfast date at Cafe Cappuccino (the new location in Hewitt is now open!) on Sunday morning. But we all know I'm still going to wear that costume so here's hoping trick or treaters are appreciative. :-)

Friday, October 26, 2012

This Week

This has been one of those weeks when we don't get home until about 9 o'clock each night. And while I love me some activity, sleeping in sounds really good about now. Because each of these long days starts before 6am. Yes, I am whining. A bit. But it's my blog.

And I'll cry if I want to.

Anyway, the girl began conditioning for select/club volleyball on Tuesday. I use the word "conditioning" rather loosely because it is apparently much more similar to boot camp than any regular workout one might have previously endured. It is, in fact, conducted by a former Marine. And though she indicated Wednesday morning that she wasn't sore at all...that tune changed - a lot - by Wednesday evening. She's going back for more tomorrow (whether she likes it or not) so there are apparently more good times ahead.

We attended our first Ag Booster Club meeting last night. That would fall under the Jeopardy category of "Places I Never Envisioned Myself" but I'm slowly getting into this new world in which we're living. The most disturbing thing I learned is that Bruiser will have a tag placed in his ear at validation next week (where they do a hair follicle test to ensure he's not on 'roids - no lie). I'm not really ok with this...mainly because it might hurt. And, also, I'm guessing it won't be pretty. 

Tonto told me to dress it up with a "big fake diamond earring." Anyone who believes he doesn't know my love language clearly didn't read the sentence immediately preceding this one.

The biggest news of the week, though, may come from Rambo. He won second place in the Dogtopia Howl-o-ween Costume Contest. Gotta love this sweet boy!

A cold front blew in last night and it's actually sweater weather. Finally. Which means the costume party we're attending tomorrow night may be a bit chilly. But I'l soooo take that over the "summer in October" temps we've been experiencing.

And I also realized this week that my girl is no longer a baby. In fact, she's quite striking. Stunning, in my opinion.

Happy weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Bliss

Sometimes it's odd how a weekend you really didn't have high hopes for turns into absolute bliss. That pretty much happened for me last Saturday and, except for the Baylor game (which I do NOT want to discuss for various reasons), it was amazing.

Since Taylor had been up all night on Saturday, she slept all day Saturday. Which meant I got to hang with sweet cheeks and the rest of the posse. Alone. In a quiet house.

I leisurely cleaned the house, made cauliflower pizza crust, did laundry and didn't talk. To anyone. Except the LSU football team.

Sunday we headed to church and then to Wal-Mart because it was waaaay past time to hit the grocery aisle. Taylor found and fell in love with the big eyed bear. He truly doesn't look normal, which is why she liked him. But he's cute all the same, I suppose.

Lest you think I was totally unproductive, I did manage to paint the entry and a really long hallway in Classic Taupe. A bit muted for my usual taste but I really like it. And now I just need to paint the shorter hallway. Eventually.

There was also lots of time to hang with this fella. He honestly just wanted to eat at this point and decided snuggling would melt my heart and allow him to get down. He was right.

Last night Taylor started conditioning for select volleyball so I had Bruiser duty. He was being soooo stubborn. I know - he's a goat. But he was still off the charts, friends. Until his dad showed up in scrubs (he's never seen him dressed for work) and immediately changed his tune. Who knew?

We also had a little office fun yesterday. Just hangin' with Kenny...

...and RG3. No big deal.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? :-)

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Midway Homecoming 2012

Last Friday night was the moment we'd been waiting for all week - the Midway Homecoming game! The girl asked me to make her a mum this year and Tonto insisted I do so that she wouldn't be tempted to go with a boy. He's very adamant about this whole "no boys allowed" thing...so I hauled T's sweet self to Hobby Lobby last week and let her pick out all the adornments she wanted because, at this point in the game, I fully realize what I pick out will not be correct. :-)

After donning her new Midway FFA t-shirt, jeans and boots, it was time...

...and I personally think it turned out really well. You know, after my obsessive compulsive self spent two days tweaking it to ensure it was just right.

As I looked at her, it really hit me like a ton of bricks that time has passed. Quickly. And, though I'm so proud of my beautiful (and very tall!) girl, she really is not my baby any longer. Sigh...

Once inside the stadium, she ditched me for her friends. As usual. But that's ok - she had a fantastic time.

And the Midway boys brought it. As usual.

All the usual Homecoming festivities were in full force and it was, of course, super crowded.

Tonto was home laid up with knee pain ('tis the season) so I hung out with my boss (who's also a good friend) and her family. Super. Awesome. Fun.

In the end, we beat Killeen handily. And that's the type of game I enjoy. One without much stress and in which the good guys are waaaay ahead almost the entire time.

After the game, Tay and her friends headed to FBC Woodway where they attended Hoop Dee Doo. Basically, they stay out ALLLL night long. From Poppa Rollo's and the movies to skating and bowling, they were a might bit active. Which meant they were exhausted when I picked them up at 7am the next morning.

But - praise to the heavens - she slept all day. Which meant this mama got a much needed break and was able to be productive at the house. So, you know, long live Homecoming!

Friday, October 19, 2012

In Which You See How Random My Thoughts Truly Are

It's finally Friday. And I'm so thankful this week is almost over I can hardly see straight. It's Homecoming week for the girl and loads of other activity, which means sleep hasn't been plentiful. But that's ok. October tries to kill me every year. And it hasn't succeeded yet. Plus, it's almost over. :-)

All that said, here's a little sampling of what we've been up to this past week. Ton o' time spent walking...

...staring at...

...and getting kisses from this sweet guy.

We also headed to the fair...

...where we enjoyed the rodeo and a concert...

...while the girl and one of her sweet friends rode all kinds of spinning rides and played carnival games where she won a bear hat. Literally, a bear.

This sweet guy still has my heart...

...and I confirmed - yet again - that I really HATE messing up good hair for a workout.

Our area rug finally came in. Tonto wondered if I could possibly find one that was more wild. No. No, I could not.

During lunch one day I hit the farm supply store (yep, this is my new life) where I found Red Solo Cup Stems. Surely this will be on many wedding registries.

My man celebrated five years at Hillcrest. So proud of him and what he does every day.

It's fall, y'all. Which means our lobby looks like this...we like to call him Hedge Bear.

And, finally, while shopping last week I found these...to which I promptly replied, "Not likely." And then TT went on to beat WVU. I shall no longer mock the Raiders. :-)

After tonight's big Homecoming game, I'm hoping to get back on track finishing up the house. Paint for the entry, hallways and game room has been sitting around waiting for someone to use it. Though I've waited 10 days, it looks like the walls truly will not paint themselves. Who knew? :-)

Happy weekend, friends.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best. Tailgate. Ever.

So...Baylor had a home football game last weekend. And we had an amazing tailgate. In fact, it was probably the best one yet. For real.

I also got to see some of my sweet sorority sisters. Many more are supposed to join us for Homecoming and I absolutely cannot wait, y'all. Love these girls. And time may have passed but, at the core, we're all still the same college coeds. :-)

My momma.

This is Dave's aunt. Technically. But her husband, his uncle, is a year younger than Tonto. So, you know, they're basically awesome friends who we LOVE hanging out with any time we can.

James and Alli B

Dave and his Uncle Ernie :-)

Seriously...why do these girls look soooo old???? And where did mine get those long legs? Obviously not from me.

Proof he does change into normal shirts after cooking.

This guy was the happiest one of the day because his Raiders beat West Virginia. In hindsight, we should have known that would be a bad sign. Once those college football upsets begin, they generally don't stop at one.

My girl Christy. Love, love, love her.

And sweet Gracie decided she needed a picture with us as well. This girl stole my heart. Soooo sweet.

Gracie's sweet parents.

One of my best buds, Sharla (aka the one who makes these awesome hats) and her girl.

Soooo precious.

As you probably know, the game didn't turn out the way we wanted. Or expected. And, honestly, I'm ok with it. Everyone has a bad day and our offense certainly had an off game. It happens.

What I do not understand is why anyone with half a brain would lay the entire loss at the feet of our defense. Six turnovers. Short field. D on the field almost the ENTIRE STINKING GAME.

And even with all those factors, we were only down 7 going into the fourth quarter. Yes, things went downhill from there BUT there were two more turnovers. And our D was absolutely gassed. You cannot fault them for that, you know, since they'd played the entire game.

I guess my point is this...sometimes the O has an off game. And sometimes the D has an off game. (And NO team in college football, that I'm aware of, has an equal amount of talent on each side of the ball...generally, you're an offensive minded team OR a defensive minded team...rarely do you get both...)

But to attack college kids who are sacrificing more than many can imagine seems a bit off base to me. And if you really believe you possess an incredible knack for the game (say, more than our seasoned coaches), perhaps you should stop tweeting about it and go get a job as a coach.

As for me and my house, we stand with Briles. And Bennett. And the Bears.

Hex. Tex. :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


While the girl and her friends were skating on Friday evening, Tonto and I headed to the Ferrell Center for Moonlight Madness. Alone. Except that we met up with some friends but, still, it was all adults. In other words, a glorious time was had by all. 

This year the defending National Champion Lady Bears joined the party and were sporting their finest New Orleans-type attire. They even threw beads to the crowd. I'll give you two guesses where the Final Four is being held this year. And the first one doesn't count...

Brady Heslip cracks me up. And he also rains 3's like nobody's business. Seriously.

Only Pierre would arrive sporting a cape. Love him. And AJ as well...even though I did recently learn he owns a pet snake and that creeps me out a bit.

Brittney joined the dunk contest.

And this is Ricardo Gathers. He's a freshman. From Louisiana. Does he look like a freshman to y'all because, to me, he looks like a grown man. Gotta love Louisiana. :-)

My fav pic from the evening. Not really sure why but I love it.

And P-Jack, who gave us all a minor heart attack when he tweaked his leg on a dunk. We need this fella.

All in all, it was sooo fun. And we got glow in the dark t-shirts. Which I learned earlier this week is distracting to sleep in...but we're definitely ready for basketball season. Bring. It.