Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Bliss

Sometimes it's odd how a weekend you really didn't have high hopes for turns into absolute bliss. That pretty much happened for me last Saturday and, except for the Baylor game (which I do NOT want to discuss for various reasons), it was amazing.

Since Taylor had been up all night on Saturday, she slept all day Saturday. Which meant I got to hang with sweet cheeks and the rest of the posse. Alone. In a quiet house.

I leisurely cleaned the house, made cauliflower pizza crust, did laundry and didn't talk. To anyone. Except the LSU football team.

Sunday we headed to church and then to Wal-Mart because it was waaaay past time to hit the grocery aisle. Taylor found and fell in love with the big eyed bear. He truly doesn't look normal, which is why she liked him. But he's cute all the same, I suppose.

Lest you think I was totally unproductive, I did manage to paint the entry and a really long hallway in Classic Taupe. A bit muted for my usual taste but I really like it. And now I just need to paint the shorter hallway. Eventually.

There was also lots of time to hang with this fella. He honestly just wanted to eat at this point and decided snuggling would melt my heart and allow him to get down. He was right.

Last night Taylor started conditioning for select volleyball so I had Bruiser duty. He was being soooo stubborn. I know - he's a goat. But he was still off the charts, friends. Until his dad showed up in scrubs (he's never seen him dressed for work) and immediately changed his tune. Who knew?

We also had a little office fun yesterday. Just hangin' with Kenny...

...and RG3. No big deal.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? :-)

Happy Wednesday, y'all.