Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best. Tailgate. Ever.

So...Baylor had a home football game last weekend. And we had an amazing tailgate. In fact, it was probably the best one yet. For real.

I also got to see some of my sweet sorority sisters. Many more are supposed to join us for Homecoming and I absolutely cannot wait, y'all. Love these girls. And time may have passed but, at the core, we're all still the same college coeds. :-)

My momma.

This is Dave's aunt. Technically. But her husband, his uncle, is a year younger than Tonto. So, you know, they're basically awesome friends who we LOVE hanging out with any time we can.

James and Alli B

Dave and his Uncle Ernie :-)

Seriously...why do these girls look soooo old???? And where did mine get those long legs? Obviously not from me.

Proof he does change into normal shirts after cooking.

This guy was the happiest one of the day because his Raiders beat West Virginia. In hindsight, we should have known that would be a bad sign. Once those college football upsets begin, they generally don't stop at one.

My girl Christy. Love, love, love her.

And sweet Gracie decided she needed a picture with us as well. This girl stole my heart. Soooo sweet.

Gracie's sweet parents.

One of my best buds, Sharla (aka the one who makes these awesome hats) and her girl.

Soooo precious.

As you probably know, the game didn't turn out the way we wanted. Or expected. And, honestly, I'm ok with it. Everyone has a bad day and our offense certainly had an off game. It happens.

What I do not understand is why anyone with half a brain would lay the entire loss at the feet of our defense. Six turnovers. Short field. D on the field almost the ENTIRE STINKING GAME.

And even with all those factors, we were only down 7 going into the fourth quarter. Yes, things went downhill from there BUT there were two more turnovers. And our D was absolutely gassed. You cannot fault them for that, you know, since they'd played the entire game.

I guess my point is this...sometimes the O has an off game. And sometimes the D has an off game. (And NO team in college football, that I'm aware of, has an equal amount of talent on each side of the ball...generally, you're an offensive minded team OR a defensive minded team...rarely do you get both...)

But to attack college kids who are sacrificing more than many can imagine seems a bit off base to me. And if you really believe you possess an incredible knack for the game (say, more than our seasoned coaches), perhaps you should stop tweeting about it and go get a job as a coach.

As for me and my house, we stand with Briles. And Bennett. And the Bears.

Hex. Tex. :-)


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