Friday, October 30, 2015


My sweet, sweet, Taylor,

You celebrated your 16th birthday 2.5 weeks ago amidst goat shows, caring for Dottie's new calf, working at the fair as a Sweetheart, and participating in the Calf Scramble. It was SUCH a busy week. But it didn't slow down your reaching yet another milestone.

I've gotta be honest - I spend a LOT of times these days thinking about just how little time I have left with you at home. Keeping us hopping. Making us laugh. Challenging me to be a better person. Playing with your little sister (who has, by the way, decided you're the best person on the planet...after 7pm each day). Giving me the illusion that you're still a baby.

The thing is that you'll ALWAYS be my baby. But, in so many ways, you're plotting your own course, making your own way, and blossoming into one of the most awesome young ladies on the planet. Of course, that's a completely unbiased opinion. :)

I cherish these days. And hate to see them end. Even when we butt heads and have polar opposite opinions. I love, love, love that you aren't afraid to fight for what you believe is right, don't back down in the face of adversity, and are always a champion of the less fortunate. You are, quite frankly, a much more caring, empathetic and compassionate person than your mother. And I'm so very thankful for those traits!

You, my love, are destined to make a difference in the lives of others and the world around you. I have absolutely no doubt you will blaze new trails, travel the path less taken, and make me scratch my head a few times. And, in the end, you will - as always - surprise me and make me more proud than I knew was possible.

Not gonna lie - I totally miss the days when you only wanted to hang out with me, allowed me to take as many pics as I wanted, and let me fix your hair. But I'm also mesmerized by the stunning beauty I am blessed to call my own. Even if I have to steal your selfies off Instagram for my blog... :)

I hope you always know that I'm here. No matter what may come. Continue to surprise. Decide what you want in life and go get it, my girl. You'll have no bigger cheerleader than me. Just remember...always my baby you'll be. 

Much love,
Mom (aka "Mother" as you like to call me these days)