Friday, April 10, 2015

Hippity Hoppity's been a while. But we've also been sick most of that time. Like, basically nine weeks straight, so there hasn't been all that much going on in our life. Except for a few Easter activities. We pushed ourselves to get out a bit for Tiny's sake to celebrate the holiday. :)

The weekend before Easter, one of my friends had a family egg hunt to benefit the March of Dimes. Obviously this organization plays a part both in Tonto's professional life and our personal life with a 28-weeker so it's most definitely a cause very close to our hearts. 

And Tiny absolutely loved the eggs. But she really only wanted two - one for each hand - and the candy didn't interest her at all.

The Easter Bunny? Well, we're just as frightened of him as we were Santa Claus. Sigh.

She also had a sweet egg hunt at daycare and Tonto was able to attend. He said she did a lot better at that one and seemed to have the hang of it more so I was excited to take her to our church egg hunt last Saturday. She looked adorable but was way more interested in playing with and chasing around the other kiddos in the 3 and under category (it was more crowded than the other two) but she did manage to have fun and pluck a few eggs.

And I'm gonna be honest - after bronchitis, sinusitis and strep throat, I thought we were out of the sickly woods. Until poor Taylor woke up with a stomach virus on Saturday morning. Tiny had it on Thursday and Friday but she also has reflux so we weren't sure if she was actually ill or just having a rough day with reflux. Taylor's woes convinced me it was indeed a virus so the teen didn't get to participate much in Easter at all. In fact, she didn't even regain her appetite until Thursday. :(

All that being said, the Easter Bunny did make an appearance and brought all of the candies Taylor had requested (even though she had no desire to eat them) and brought Tiny a few things as well. Her favorites? The baby doll and chocolate bunny. In fact, she threw the bubbles across the room to get to that baby. And, no, she has no idea the bunny is made of chocolate.

After the baby and I went to church, we picked Taylor up and headed to my parents' house for Easter lunch. It was delicious and Tiny was quite entertaining. And poor Taylor was a good sport even though she felt terrible. 

The Easter Bunny had visited Nana and Boppy's house as well. And their sweet neighbors, who had lunch with us, brought the girls goodies as well. Needless to say, we are not short on sweets or stuffed animals. And that's just the way my girls like it.

In other random news, Tiny is quite the climber. And has zero fear. And apparently believes her sister is a great ladder. Good thing Taylor is a good sport!

And after nine long weeks (the same amount of time we were sickly), our foundation is finally in. And walls are supposedly going up today. Fingers crossed. After surviving rain/snow/sleet/ice/monsoon, I honestly don't want to hear anyone complain about their creek/crick/pond/tank being dry any time soon. I know that's selfish but we're racking up interest on this construction loan. And it's still raining. And I just really want to be settled in our new home. Not gonna lie. :)

That's about all we've got going on around here. Very exciting things - like prom - on the horizon. The girl got the invite last night so there's shopping on the horizon. And things remain crazy and busy. But that's just the way we roll. Apparently.