Monday, September 15, 2014

Baylor Club

One of the most fun (in my opinion) features of McLane Stadium is Baylor Club. It's a members only (but the fee is really nominal) club where you can have lunch or dinner with a fantastic view of the field. They also host a tailgate at Knox Hall before each game and I hear they've already booked several weddings as well.

For a couple of weeks before the first game, Baylor Club invited different departments/divisions from the University over for lunch as they trained staff, tried out recipes, etc. And I was super lucky - and thankful - to get invited one day. :)

My absolute favorite feature at the club are these chairs that have the words of That Old Baylor Line on the back. Coupled with the gold leather cushions, it's absolutely perfect, y'all.

While we were helping ourselves to a delicious buffet lunch, many different dishes were delivered to our table. Which meant we ended up with a smorgasbord of food. Waaaaaay more than most usual lunches around here.

And this is the view from the club is absolutely amazing. We did actually join the club, which is somewhat out of character for us, but haven't yet been for dinner. Definitely something we tackle once we have a free moment. Whenever that may be. :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

McLane Stadium

We had the opportunity to tour McLane Stadium shortly before it opened to the public last month and, y'all, it was sooooo fun. We had been working on projects surrounding the stadium for so long that it was easy to forget about how amazing and exciting this venue is for the Baylor family. And what it means for the University family as well.

So here are a few of my snapshots from the big day. :)

The Bears' locker room...

...where the managers were loading in gear for the first scrimmage. Yes, that is Bryce Petty's locker.

And I may have made a point to find our favorite British player's locker as well.

Standing on the field - particularly with that giant screen at the other end - will make anyone feel tiny, I think.

B-Tack and I snapped a quick pic for posterity's sake.

The recruit room is, well, ELECTRIC.

The President's Suite has some amazing views. And, aside from the comfy chairs, food spread and air conditioning, we pretty much have the same view. Ours is just across the stadium.

Our friends in Baylor Vision have new, swanky digs. :)

And Baylor Club is pretty sweet.

This is the view from Drayton McLane's Founder's Suite. Yes, my former boss.

And in the underground parking garage where this girl will NEVER park.

All in all, it was such a super fun experience. It was really hot by the time we were finished but well worth it. The sun was certainly shining on the Bears' new home on this fine summer day. 

And, hopefully, will continue to do so for many days ahead.

Sic 'em!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Super Hot Stock Show

So, we're still recovering from an incredibly busy (but fun) weekend. Last week was really crazy at work because we were days away from opening a little building called McLane Stadium and the weekend was jam packed. And did I mention Tonto was diagnosed with pneumonia last Thursday? Yeah, it was one of those kinda weeks. :)

By the time Friday evening rolled around, my brain was mush and we ordered pizza because an EARLY morning was looming. Like, we left the barn at 6:30am, y'all.

What we did not realize is that sweet Dottie - who celebrated her first birthday on August 21 - had gone into heat the day before we went to the show. And apparently that makes a heifer (and any other women - let's be honest) quite cantankerous.

As you can probably tell form her posture, she was just extremely excited about the upcoming showmanship competition.

She went into the ring and, the girl who is already the loudest heifer at the barn, proceeded to SCREAM the ENTIRE time. Taylor was absolutely mortified and her hot pink Magellan shirt was a sweaty mess by the time she got out of the ring. As you might guess, she was not AT ALL happy with her cow.

Beefmasters were the first breed to show so it was time to show in Class 2 very soon. And the girl went from distraught to super excited because she was her first BLUE stock show ribbon. Yep, FIRST in her class!

Now, these classes weren't large (many heifer shows don't have big classes) but she got a blue ribbon, a payout of $38 and a big boost in confidence. Which is really the main thing we were trying to accomplish, to be quite honest. When she reentered for Champion Drive, the judge told her "this heifer has a tremendous future and I hope to have the privilege of watching her progress."


Granted, each judge likes something different but sweet Taylor - and Dottie too probably - needed some sweet encouragement. And I'm so incredibly thankful they got it last weekend.

As we waited HOURS for the show to finish up (we didn't get home until almost 5pm) while temps climbed to 100 degrees, I realized something: stock show kiddos - and their parents - are VERY committed. Also, fat does not have a boiling point. Because if it did, I'd be a size zero today, friends. :)