Monday, September 15, 2014

Baylor Club

One of the most fun (in my opinion) features of McLane Stadium is Baylor Club. It's a members only (but the fee is really nominal) club where you can have lunch or dinner with a fantastic view of the field. They also host a tailgate at Knox Hall before each game and I hear they've already booked several weddings as well.

For a couple of weeks before the first game, Baylor Club invited different departments/divisions from the University over for lunch as they trained staff, tried out recipes, etc. And I was super lucky - and thankful - to get invited one day. :)

My absolute favorite feature at the club are these chairs that have the words of That Old Baylor Line on the back. Coupled with the gold leather cushions, it's absolutely perfect, y'all.

While we were helping ourselves to a delicious buffet lunch, many different dishes were delivered to our table. Which meant we ended up with a smorgasbord of food. Waaaaaay more than most usual lunches around here.

And this is the view from the club is absolutely amazing. We did actually join the club, which is somewhat out of character for us, but haven't yet been for dinner. Definitely something we tackle once we have a free moment. Whenever that may be. :-)