Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Inaugural McLane Game

So...it's been, like, a month and a half since the first game at McLane Stadium but - for various reasons - I haven't yet documented it. September always seems to be rough for us and we had an unexpected issue come up with Tiny (everything is fine now) and just back to school craziness as well. I'm hoping October will be bright and shining in comparison and, thus far, it has been. We're only seven days in but I'll take it.

Anyway...we did attend the first game and even tailgated. In the 100+ degree temps. It was sweaty and harder with a baby but we got it done. I don't really have any pics to show you because all the super cute ones include Tiny's face but she and Taylor looked adorable. 

We eventually headed over to the stadium...

...and took a few pics to document the occasion...

...before discovering that our seats were - for a 6:30pm game - in the BLISTERING sun. Which is not, you know, conducive to watching a game with an infant. After some back and forth, Dave ended up taking both girls home (it was unbearably hot) and I stayed at the game with my parents.

The pics I took at the beginning of the game aren't even usable because all you can see is the bright, GLARING sun. About an hour or so later, though, our conditions got much better. 

It was a blowout almost from the start, which is actually how I like it, and the halftime show was super fun.

RG3 was in the house, took selfies with the Baylor Line and even guest conducted. A very memorable evening. For the most part anyway.

My parents and I lasted until the end of the third quarter and just packed it in. That may sound like we're terrible fans but we'd been there for many hours and were exhausted.

We didn't even make it to the second game, unfortunately, because Dave's hospital switched software charting systems and he was required to work. Tiny and I actually met him up there with thoughts of heading to the game for a while but there was intermittent sprinkling/tornado like winds/flooding/storming so we decided that probably wasn't the best weather for her. And we watched from our comfy bed after stopping for Mexican food on the way home.

Just keeping it real. :)

This weekend, though, TCU comes to town. My dislike of this team and coach is well documented so I have high hopes for MY team this weekend. And I'm hoping cooler temps and actually knowing what to expect (plus it's an afternoon game so hopefully our seats won't be in full sunburn mode) will make it a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

So thankful we were able to attend the first game - no doubt - but it felt like we were rushed and out of sync all day. And if you know me at all, that's a feeling I hate. So...big hopes for this weekend. 

And Sic 'em, Bears!