Monday, October 20, 2014

McLane Stadium, Part Deux

Because we didn't attend the second home game of the season, our return trip to the Palace on the Brazos occurred when the Horned Frogs came to town. My stance on this particular school, its fans, coaches and players is not at all a secret so you can imagine how unhappy I was to see what I deemed way too much purple upon our arrival.

But the positives to the morning were that it was unseasonably cool, Tiny took a good nap throughout the tailgate and the rain even stopped by game time. Someone forgot their jacket but managed to commandeer one from a friend who works in the press box. This was his 'thank you' pic. :)

The closer we got to the stadium, the more I realized there truly was waaaaay too much purple in the stadium. And particularly where season ticket holders from BAYLOR usually sit. Not cool, fair weather fans. Not cool at all.

But we were determined to enjoy the game. Pregame was awesome...

...and we enjoyed the band...

...and it made me a little ill to see their team, I'm not gonna lie. They always play us hard and our little adventure to Ft. Worth last year was enough to turn me off to this team forever. But, still, I was optimistic.

The Baylor Line rushed the field...

...and welcomed the team - admits the new fire tunnel - to the field...

...and soon the game began.

That's about the point where two drunken frat boys from TCU showed up to sit in the seats in front of us. Which was even less enjoyable than last year's foray with the purple ones. I mean, I'm all for cheering for your team but constant profanity in front of my baby, flipping off the officials every time they make a call for Baylor, etc. was a little too much for me.

And to the guy sitting behind us who complained throughout the game but then told security the punk had done nothing are a coward, sir.

We ended up leaving shortly after halftime. Tiny was tired, the game was out of control and the punks were about to make me lose my mind. But we were able to meet up with several of my sorority sisters first, which was a super sweet surprise. :)

We watched the end of the game at home. While shielding our eyes. But we did get the win. And it was truly a comeback for the ages, y'all. Now...let's just hope the "season ticket holders" who sit in front of us won't sell their tickets for the next game. Since it's Homecoming, I'm hopeful. :)