Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - It's (Almost) Fall Edition

1. If you know me at all, my love for seasonal decorating is apparent. This little guy continues to be one of my favorites. Ever. Perhaps for obvious reasons...we share the same attitude about food.

2. Recently came to my attention that I take a lot of pics of shoes. Not surprising since my love for them almost eclipses my love for previously mentioned sustenance. Some of my new favs...

3. Addicted to these...that's what living the high lo-carb life will do to you...

4. Midway had a bye last week and played out of town last night, which means high school football withdrawals are in full effect. The good news is Temple comes to town next week. I have some personal reasons for wanting to beat them soundly. Here's hoping my wishes come true.

5. It's not as easy to walk a goat as you may think. But the girl has made some progress this week. Also, she's wearing a shirt with "LSU" emblazoned on the front. Now I can check that specific indoctrination off the parenting 'to do' list.

6. Again with the shoes. But most people are surprised to learn I even own boots. So let me blow your mind - I actually own two pair. The others do have turquoise uppers and hot pink stitching, though, so hopefully I won't have to survive a legacy of boring footwear...

7. It's old. But precious. I miss him at this age.

8. Yep. More shoes. Who can pass up leopard print?

9. Beware when ordering pickles from Jimmy John's. Apparently they only come in size GIANT.

10. So Baylor takes on WVU this weekend. My official prediction is a shootout in which the Bears prevail. Not really sure why I have that feeling but, honestly, I was really nervous last weekend and that game proved said nerves were warranted. So I'm sticking with the gut feeling. Either way, my support of the Bears will not wane.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


It's been a month (as of Monday) since we moved and, while there still seems to be a ton of things left to do, some progress has been made. And, quite frankly, if I wasn't so Type A I would feel better about the process. But, alas, I do strive for perfection and refuse to call a room "done" until it has a new wall color. At the least. :-)

I actually loved the colors in the dining room as they were but when I took the paint to be color matched, it was a shade darker. So I ended up painting the whole thing. 

This room is completely done except that the other two chairs are in the garage and need to be recovered to match these...obviously we were only using four in the old house.

The living room started completely empty because I had a different plan in mind. Namely, to use that furniture in the den and turn this into a more formal space. Then I realized two living areas is overkill (we never used both in our first house) so I'm on the hunt for a pool table for the other room.

And this one has taken shape...

...gotten a new paint color...

...and is finished except for me making a decision on an area rug. So. Many. Choices.

The office was so boring...

...but now it's Baylor Bold. And, yes, that is Taylor's duck drawing above the desk. For someone who can't draw a straight line with a ruler, she seems really talented. :-)

Have no before pic was just empty...

Not a whole lot of change in the breakfast room...

...and those curtains are coming down eventually. It's just low on the priority list.

Loved the color in the master as well. I do need to do some touch ups so we'll see how close they can get on color. Otherwise, I'll be painting. Again.

But for now...'s working...

The guest room is also done (and no longer pink) but I don't have any good pics of it at the moment. Taylor's room is my weekend project now that her curtains finally arrived. And when you see it, just know I didn't make the design/color choices. I'm just executing the psychedelic palette.

Happy Thursday, y'all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Kid on the Block

If we're friends on FB or you follow me on Twitter, you've already gathered that we welcomed a new member of the family on Friday evening. On a side note, posting anything about "welcoming a new kid" a year after everyone knows you lost a baby will pretty much make your social media go silent. Apparently no one had any idea how to respond to it...but it's good, y'all, I'm not in that dark place anymore. 

Promise. :-)

Anyway, Tonto and the girl met up with the ag teacher assigned to goats and lambs (yes, this is all new to me as well), her sweet friend, Emily, and her family before they headed out to McGregor. 

Now I've known for, well, basically her entire life that the girl was partial to animals. Preferable small ones. But I was a bit surprised when I got a text tell me she purposefully picked out the smallest one possible. 

Sounds a lot like something her mother would do, quite frankly.

I arrived out at the farm to this scene...

...and immediately fell in love. How can you not want to pick him up and cuddle him?

And, given that he's the smallest fella in the barn, it makes complete sense that she named him Bruiser, right? Though I do appreciate the Baylor nod.

Hilarity, as you might assume, ensued.

And I think this may prove - with finality - there's nothing I won't do in heels and bling.

While Bruiser isn't very hip on being caught, standing with his head up or walking, I can assure you he will do anything you ask of him for food. The boy loves to eat. In other words, he's a little guy after my own heart.

There are a few things they don't tell you until after you purchase a goat. Namely, you have to tie them up with their head held high for an hour a day. And they must be bathed every other day. I tried to buy him a hooded towel but the people with whom I live revolted...

But if you think I've given up on ensuring he has the proper "adornments" before all is said and done, you probably do not know me very well. And, yes, you will be bored with many more pics of this precious boy. 

And I'm not sorry about it. Not even a little bit. :-)

Monday, September 24, 2012

What Exactly is a Bearkat?

Still catching up...almost there, y'all...

The second game of the season brought the Sam Houston State Bearkats to town. Now, I'm not exactly sure how a Bearkat differs from a Bearcat but, you know, whatever. All I wanted to do was beat them. Well, that's not exactly true...I wanted to maul them because they had been talking mad amounts of trash, truth be told.

First up was, of course, tailgating. We had some new faces this time and it was soooo fun. All the single ladies...

My friend, Christy, is one of the most precious people I know. She's just so genuinely sweet. And my girl (who loves about 25 in this picture) loves her too.

Logan (Dave's son) and his girlfriend, Kaitlyn. This was the first time I met her and she's awesome. And later I learned she doesn't like the Cowboys so, you know, we're kindred spirits.

Just the four of us...

Sharla is one of my best buds. Absolutely love her. And her hubby, James, is pretty awesome too. She's the one who makes the fun hats we're sporting this season.

And their nephew, Brett.

Family resemblance, much? Also, I feel the need to mention Tonto only wore this shirt to cook. He changed into a Baylor polo but I have no photographic proof.

Sibling love?

Christy and her man, Scott! these two...

And we can't leave out Larna, Adam and sweet Brooklyn, who Dave took care of when she was a wee tiny baby.

We did eventually head into the stadium and experience the first half. It was rough, y'all. Let's just say we got off to a bit of a slow start. Tonto and I hit the tailgating spot again during halftime. As we were packing up to go back in, Baylor scored. And then turned around and recovered a fumble.

Because we're nothing if not highly superstitious when it comes to football, we stayed in the parking lot and made some new friends who travel with really large television screens. :-)

We left about five minutes into the fourth quarter and we scored. Twice. Immediately. So as much as I love the Bears, I'm beginning to think my presence isn't a positive. And I'm absolutely ok with that...willing to take one for the team any time necessary, y'all.

And can we just take a minute to appreciate the Bears beating ULM on Friday evening? Undefeated heading into conference play with minimal injuries is the goal. And we achieved it...end of story. Doesn't matter how it happened. 

And now it's time to Sic WVU. ;-)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Saddle Up, Ponies!

The first Baylor football game of the season is always super fun. And, this time around, was even more exciting because we may actually (finally) have this tailgating thing figured out PLUS I got to see one of my sweet KD sisters, Lauren! :-)

After setting up, we headed over to welcome the team to the stadium during March of the Bears.

This is actually one of my favorite things to do and it always cracks me up that Nick Johnson (not the Nick pictured below) always stops traffic to hug Tonto. Those two have a bond, y'all...

Ken Starr is running with the Baylor Line again this year. That makes my heart so happy. You have no idea. Also, he has some rockin' green and gold kicks that I covet. Big time.

Yes, it's almost a record freshman class. Only five short from the record.

To say our players were ready to hit the field would be an understatement.

Yep, there is Tonto's boy (#76)...he was one of the captains for the game.

And here's another one of our favs - that other Johnson boy, as I so eloquently called him at Meet the Bears - who has, unfortunately, been sidelined with a career ending injury.

Can we just talk about Mr. McGowan for a minute? Biggest fella on the team. And, from what I understand, a nice young gentleman as well.

This was the score before our second and third team defense headed onto the field. It was predicted to be a much closer game but I personally prefer this type of score as long as the good guys are on top.

Speaking of good guys... :-)

Did I mention our offense pretty much rocks my socks off?

And, because this pic exemplifies everything I was thinking, which was "Take that, Ponies!" :-)

Sic 'em Bears, y'all!