Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Kid on the Block

If we're friends on FB or you follow me on Twitter, you've already gathered that we welcomed a new member of the family on Friday evening. On a side note, posting anything about "welcoming a new kid" a year after everyone knows you lost a baby will pretty much make your social media go silent. Apparently no one had any idea how to respond to it...but it's good, y'all, I'm not in that dark place anymore. 

Promise. :-)

Anyway, Tonto and the girl met up with the ag teacher assigned to goats and lambs (yes, this is all new to me as well), her sweet friend, Emily, and her family before they headed out to McGregor. 

Now I've known for, well, basically her entire life that the girl was partial to animals. Preferable small ones. But I was a bit surprised when I got a text tell me she purposefully picked out the smallest one possible. 

Sounds a lot like something her mother would do, quite frankly.

I arrived out at the farm to this scene...

...and immediately fell in love. How can you not want to pick him up and cuddle him?

And, given that he's the smallest fella in the barn, it makes complete sense that she named him Bruiser, right? Though I do appreciate the Baylor nod.

Hilarity, as you might assume, ensued.

And I think this may prove - with finality - there's nothing I won't do in heels and bling.

While Bruiser isn't very hip on being caught, standing with his head up or walking, I can assure you he will do anything you ask of him for food. The boy loves to eat. In other words, he's a little guy after my own heart.

There are a few things they don't tell you until after you purchase a goat. Namely, you have to tie them up with their head held high for an hour a day. And they must be bathed every other day. I tried to buy him a hooded towel but the people with whom I live revolted...

But if you think I've given up on ensuring he has the proper "adornments" before all is said and done, you probably do not know me very well. And, yes, you will be bored with many more pics of this precious boy. 

And I'm not sorry about it. Not even a little bit. :-)