Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As some already know, last week was a rough one for my girl. Without going into all the details we'll just say she and 70 of her friends were cut from the school volleyball team. Yes, the child who has been playing for three years, won awards and has a vertical of 7'11".

No, that is not a typo.

But...if there's one thing I know about Taylor - and was exhibited throughout her devastating elbow injury - it's that she is incredibly resilient. So we took one night to be sad/angry/irritated and the next day we put our new plan into action.

Part of that plan was trying out for Texas Legends Volleyball Club last Sunday afternoon. We knew an email would come later that evening letting us know if she'd made the club or not. Well, it didn't come until 10:30pm. By that time, she had decided there was no way she'd been good enough and I was heartbroken (again) for my girl because I felt helpless.

This was something I couldn't fix.

But the email finally came and it began with "Congratulations!"

And last night we took her contract up and visited with the coach/owner who said my girl "rocked out and had an amazing tryout." And she is soooo excited, y'all. And I'm incredibly thankful for a sweet friend who commiserated with me when I needed it and then told me about Texas Legends.

So, yes, V is still for Volleyball.

And I can't wait to see this one rock out.

And maybe she'll even get to keep #7. :-)


Ang said...

Go out there & show 'em what you've got! Woohoo!!

Jane said...

So glad you decided to go with a club team if for nothing else to keep active doing something she loves. We'll let you know how Waco Jrs. go.