Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This and That

So it actually dropped below 100 degrees this past weekend, which caused most Texans to declare it to be fall. Well, I've been around this rodeo long enough to know it's a big ol' tease so I'm not biting. I didn't complain, though. And I may have even worn jeans to Home Depot. 

So it wasn't an incredibly exciting weekend but it was very productive. It started by me learning that something my husband has been telling me for years (that I did not believe AT ALL) is actually true. Apparently when you drive this, high school kids really do rev their engines and requests races. Who knew?

Friday night was the first Midway football game. They beat A&M Consolidated, which was awesome.

And I got to hang out with these three and hear their girly giggles for a bit before they went to hang with their friends. It did my heart good, y'all, after a rough middle school week.

Saturday morning I marveled that - two weeks in - everything in our backyard is still green. Obviously I'm not in charge of this area.

Rambo was feeling rather studious that day...

...and I was once again ignored by people I know (very well) out and about because they didn't recognize me without hair and makeup. Say what?!?!

Later I painted the guest room (it was pink!) while watching a whole bunch of college football.

Sunday morning brought a nauseous Taylor due to allergy issues. I let her sleep in while I (finally) got around to actually cleaning my house. Can I just say it's difficult to paint, decorate, redo AND keep a house clean at the same time?!?!

She had a club volleyball tryout during the afternoon and after I picked her up, I went outside to repaint the front door. It has blackout screens on the glass when we moved but it's so pretty we took them off. So I had to putty some holes and ended up painting the whole thing. And I even found a few of my fall decorations. So, you know, score!

Also, this lives next door. I realize it's not a Charger (it's a Nova) but it still makes me want to meet the neighbors, ask if I can drive it, and have someone call me Daisy. Just sayin'...

Oh, and I would be remiss not mention that we now have NFL Sunday Ticket (thanks for a free season to get us hooked, DirecTV!) and it may have changed my life. Or at least the Sunday football viewing aspect anyway...

Happy Tuesday, y'all!