Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - It's (Almost) Fall Edition

1. If you know me at all, my love for seasonal decorating is apparent. This little guy continues to be one of my favorites. Ever. Perhaps for obvious reasons...we share the same attitude about food.

2. Recently came to my attention that I take a lot of pics of shoes. Not surprising since my love for them almost eclipses my love for previously mentioned sustenance. Some of my new favs...

3. Addicted to these...that's what living the high lo-carb life will do to you...

4. Midway had a bye last week and played out of town last night, which means high school football withdrawals are in full effect. The good news is Temple comes to town next week. I have some personal reasons for wanting to beat them soundly. Here's hoping my wishes come true.

5. It's not as easy to walk a goat as you may think. But the girl has made some progress this week. Also, she's wearing a shirt with "LSU" emblazoned on the front. Now I can check that specific indoctrination off the parenting 'to do' list.

6. Again with the shoes. But most people are surprised to learn I even own boots. So let me blow your mind - I actually own two pair. The others do have turquoise uppers and hot pink stitching, though, so hopefully I won't have to survive a legacy of boring footwear...

7. It's old. But precious. I miss him at this age.

8. Yep. More shoes. Who can pass up leopard print?

9. Beware when ordering pickles from Jimmy John's. Apparently they only come in size GIANT.

10. So Baylor takes on WVU this weekend. My official prediction is a shootout in which the Bears prevail. Not really sure why I have that feeling but, honestly, I was really nervous last weekend and that game proved said nerves were warranted. So I'm sticking with the gut feeling. Either way, my support of the Bears will not wane.

Happy weekend!


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