Friday, September 21, 2012

Saddle Up, Ponies!

The first Baylor football game of the season is always super fun. And, this time around, was even more exciting because we may actually (finally) have this tailgating thing figured out PLUS I got to see one of my sweet KD sisters, Lauren! :-)

After setting up, we headed over to welcome the team to the stadium during March of the Bears.

This is actually one of my favorite things to do and it always cracks me up that Nick Johnson (not the Nick pictured below) always stops traffic to hug Tonto. Those two have a bond, y'all...

Ken Starr is running with the Baylor Line again this year. That makes my heart so happy. You have no idea. Also, he has some rockin' green and gold kicks that I covet. Big time.

Yes, it's almost a record freshman class. Only five short from the record.

To say our players were ready to hit the field would be an understatement.

Yep, there is Tonto's boy (#76)...he was one of the captains for the game.

And here's another one of our favs - that other Johnson boy, as I so eloquently called him at Meet the Bears - who has, unfortunately, been sidelined with a career ending injury.

Can we just talk about Mr. McGowan for a minute? Biggest fella on the team. And, from what I understand, a nice young gentleman as well.

This was the score before our second and third team defense headed onto the field. It was predicted to be a much closer game but I personally prefer this type of score as long as the good guys are on top.

Speaking of good guys... :-)

Did I mention our offense pretty much rocks my socks off?

And, because this pic exemplifies everything I was thinking, which was "Take that, Ponies!" :-)

Sic 'em Bears, y'all!