Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - It's Back!

With the start of a new school year, it would appear we're settling back into our old routines. Basically, we're busy and running all the time. And it's totally cool. Except that my house still isn't completely put together...once that happens, it'll all be gravy. Until then, you get pics from my phone... :-)

1. Rambo attended his first day of "school" as a 2-year-old. His Highness enjoyed being driven about town. Obviously.

2. Now that vacation is over, I'm off carbs again. That means these are my best friend. And most of my diet.

3. While looking for something to wear for last weekend's Baylor game victory, these called my name. It would have been incredibly rude not to answer.

4. I had these made for the girl about 18 months ago (for the Texas Bowl) but she's now outgrown them so, you know, GAMEDAY SHOES!

5. Our house is beginning to look like a home. In certain areas anyway.

6. Me and my dad tailgating. He's a Red Raider but wanted everyone to know that "smart Raiders" now wear green and gold. 

7. Sometimes it's so hot you have to change hair midstream. Thankfully one of my girlfriends had gifted me with this amazing hat a few hours earlier! Oh, and that's one of my other besties :-)

8. And that would be my boy Kaeron Johnson in the white hat and sunglasses. Unfortunately, he's suffered a career ending injury but he was on the sidelines with the team. And my husband yelled at him so loudly (from Row 18!) that he actually heard him. We were rewarded with a salute...

9. Thanks to DirecTV guys who work on Labor Day, we have now rejoined the 21st Century. Holla!

10. Our office is now Baylor green, which I think makes me incredibly Baylor Bold. That will only make sense if you keep up with our marketing but - trust me - it's clever.