Friday, August 31, 2012

Change In An Instant

When we arrived back home from vacation, our plan was to remain in relaxation mode until the next day when Tonto headed back to work. We had also planned to move to our new home this weekend.

Little did we know those plans were going to be foiled and turned  completely upside down. There were heavy rains while we were gone (like, super heavy) and, unfortunately, our landlord never had the roofers come back to finish the work they started a month ago.

So we arrived home to a giant hole in the roof (like, we could see daylight) and water and wet insulation all over many of our belongings. Not. Cool.

Even less cool was the fact that he told us someone could come by on Monday to look at the damage.

Needless to say, we moved early. Our families and one of Tonto's co-workers dropped everything at (literally) a moment's notice and he called in on Saturday. We moved absolutely everything (keep in mind only about 60% of it was packed prior to our trip) within 24 hours.

An incredibly busy 24 hours.

And though there are still some things we need to work out at the new place, we are no longer living here...

...and are officially residents of this beauty.

Funny thing is we've been wanting more space and now we're kind of overwhelmed by it. Like, we keep losing each other. :-)

But - thanks to my parents - we are also unpacked and most of the rooms are either done or just need a bit more work. And, though it wasn't what we planned, it is a huge relief to know we can just enjoy Baylor's first game weekend without worrying about a move. 

So, you know, Sic 'em!


Gauger Family said...

Awesome! Hope you are liking the new house!