Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet the Bears (aka Celeb Stalking)

Last Saturday was the annual football scrimmage followed by Meet the Bears. My daughter was beside herself at last year's event because she was all about seeing RG3 and getting him to sign her pink jersey. It was a monumental event for her. Apparently.

This year, though? Not so much. In fact, she bailed on me and went home with a friend after skating.

And Tonto was working.

I was actually pretty bummed but refused to go up there by myself. At the very last minute, though, one of my friends told me via the ol' Twitter that she would be there with her precious sister. Score!

Now, because I hadn't even jumped into the shower due to my mild depression, I missed most of the actual scrimmage. But, y'all, we had the best time at Meet the Bears.

Here's a little glimpse...

...and I realize you might be wondering what in the world is so fun about that scene but my friend and I are both huge football fans. And we follow all the players on Twitter. And we've each had some pretty random experiences with many of them. So we just chatted our way through each position.

And, because my daughter bailed on me, I took a photo with her favorite player. :-)

Though it was no fault of his own, I also took a pic with Tonto's favorite player. He and Nick are actually pretty good friends. Due to someone's absence, though, I've now been labeled his "biggest fan." And I'm absolutely cool with this distinction...

Random pic of the tight ends. I really didn't take too many photos. We were too busy talking (shocker, I know!) with the guys, awarding Ivory Wade with the Best Penmanship Award, and noticing the impressive facial hair of the offensive line.

Yes, we are complete dorks. But we're ok with it.

Our next to last stop was with the quarterbacks. Let me just tell you now that I believe Nick Florence is the most underrated QB in the Big 12. I'm not saying he's RG3 (not one is, let's be honest) BUT he's a phenomenal player in his own right. He knows the system like the back of his hand and he reads defenses very quickly. 

Get familiar with this face, y'all, because he's the real deal.

I was also caught off guard this day by a defensive lineman who called me by name and knows where my office is. Weird. And awesome. All at the same time.

Also, know that events like Meet the Bears are all fun and games until several of the players call you "ma'am."

That's all I have to say about that but...

Sic 'em, Bears!


Legally Married said...

Yay! This was such a fun day! I'm glad you came to hang out with us. I cannot WAIT until Sunday - see you then!