Monday, August 6, 2012

Tiny Hands

When my girl was younger, I had an incredible fascination with her hands. Though it may seem somewhat odd, the truth of the matter is that no matter how quickly it seemed she was growing up and how much bigger she seemed each and every day, all I had to do was look at her tiny hands to realize she was indeed still little after all.

I love those sweet hands. And I loved each and every stage in which they gave me the peace and reassurance needed during those moments. Because the frightening reality is that our babies grow up entirely too fast. And, if you're anything like me, it can make your heart hurt at times. 

Particularly when you look down one day and realize your baby's hands - like mine - are now larger than your own.

There is incredible peace, though, in knowing that - barring some unforeseen tragedy or illness - my baby girl will continue growing into the beautiful young women she's meant to be. We may not be the wealthiest in the world but we have been blessed with the means needed to take care of (and, if I'm being honest, spoil) our sweet girl.

And it's something I try very hard not to take for granted.

Much more frightening than our babies growing up too fast, though, is the fear of them not growing up at all. As many of you know, we lost a child last year and it rocked me to my core. Though I played the game well at times, it was almost a complete year before I found myself being "myself" again. I cannot imagine having a child physically in my arms only to slip through my hands because I was unable to care for them...

For me, that would be the greatest tragedy of all.

For this reason - and many others - I recently decided to team up with Compassion International to spread the word about so many children who need help. Worldwide.

Please don't take that to mean I'm going to strong arm you into something or try to make you feel guilty. Because that's not what this blog is about...not at all. In fact, this is the first time I've promoted anything here and it's only because my heart physically hurts seeing the photos of children who are struggling to survive for no reason other than that they are in a different part of the world. But for the grace of God, mine could be facing the same circumstances.

And here's the deal - you can totally do the same. If you feel the need. Just click here to learn a bit more...or don't. Totally your choice.

In the meantime, I'll be getting my not-so-tiny-hands ready to begin middle school.