Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Hearts Day

From us...

...and our new addition...

The happiest Valentine's Day we've had in our home in a looooong time, friends. :-)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

McLennan County Junior Livestock Show '14

Last week was the McLennan County Junior Livestock and, I'm gonna be honest, we went in with little to no expectations. For a variety of reasons. No, Taylor is not getting out of the livestock business but we are making some changes and investing some additional funds to ensure she's competitive moving forward.

Also, we had the same judge as last year and he's already proven not to be a fan of the type of goat we've shown the past two years. And all of that is perfectly ok because there are so many more important things that go on in FFA and at stock shows. Things that may not show up in the ring.

Like fun times with good barn friends. Friends with whom you've worked each and every day for many months. Long term relationships forged that you may not have otherwise found.

Taylor and Forrest landed in the 10th (out of 12) class so it was a long day of sitting around and waiting. By the time their turn came, my big camera battery had been depleted so I was left with just phone pics. :-)

He was such a good boy - both for the prospect show and showmanship.

They really did a good job. At the end of the day, the judge thought he was "too narrow," which was amusing since last year Bruiser was "too wide" but whatever. I'm not a fan of this guy. He's a breeder who calls his winners by name. Just sayin'. :-)

But, like I said, that was a super small part of the experience. Nana and Boppy came and brought what's becoming the traditional county lunch - Bush's and all the fixins. We had a great time with good friends and, because he didn't make sale, we get to hang with the fella for another month.

And someone got to fill my phone with selfies...

...and pics that just make me laugh out loud.

Love this girl and her sweet friends. And her accidental (thanks to a schedule mix up in 7th grade) hobby.