Friday, November 30, 2012


...are sometimes really lucky they're so darn cute.

And by "sometimes," I mean TODAY.

Don't get me wrong - I love this girl with every fiber of my being. And I'll never check out on her. But some days are a challenge. Like today.

Tomorrow will be better. This is a minor blip on the radar. Of this I'm fully convinced.

Regardless of what tomorrow brings, though, she's got my heart. And that's one of many reasons I will continue to challenge you to do YOUR best, my dear. And not just what it takes to "get by."

So when you read this in 10 years, know that not all days were fabulous. But, on all days, you were loved. Adored. And cherished.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Li'l Turkey

After eating way more than we should have during Thanksgiving lunch and then lounging around the house for a few hours, we took Dave's fam to meet Bruiser. Dave also took him some turkey. Note the suspicious face...

...and let's also note that this is about the time we learned goats don't eat meat. Apparently they are vegetarians. Who knew?

I must say, though, that's the cutest little vegetarian I've ever known.

We'll skip over the part where I admit to not knowing many. :-)

But I am happy that we finally have some better quality pics of this sweet little face.

I mean, how can you not love him?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gobble, Gobble

Thanksgiving was both special - and a bit different - for us this year. Not only were we in our new house but we decided to host both sides of the family at the same time instead of doing two meals. And, y'all, it was so fun. We had a blast.

I took off last Tuesday (when the man was working and the girl was in school) to grocery shop (that was frightening) and cook. Rambo helped me. A lot. In fact, he volunteered to exclusively handle all taste testing. :-)

The girl and I finished up a few extra things on Wednesday and I loved having her all to myself. Middle school is fun and exciting and busy. All these things are great but it also means I literally don't see her as much as I used to. Makes me cherish holidays even more.

Thursday was really stress free and we just enjoyed having our families over. My mom was a huge help as she and my dad brought a ton of food.

I had to catch her as she wasn't interested in posing for pics. Hence, the facial expression.

I won't tell you how many takes it took to get this pic. He wanted to make inappropriate camera gestures it would seem.

Uncle Roy was with us from Oklahoma. Such a sweet, precious man.

There was a whole lot of talking and catching up that happened in this room. Throughout the entire day.

And Rambo used Boppy as a pillow for HOURS.

This is how you'll find the girl most days at this point in her life - with a volleyball in hand. Select season has begun and they're doing lots of practicing. She is loving it and is thriving something serious. I'm so proud of and for her. It's truly been a blessing for my baby.

Aunt Diane and her man (Kevin) and his precious mom (Carolyn) joined us as well. They - all three of them - crack me up.

And, while the girls were in the backyard, this one soaked up as much attention as possible.

There are a couple of really big things I wish were different about our life right now but, at the same time, I know we're incredibly blessed. We've come a long way and I count my blessings every day that I get to do life with these peeps. :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here, Kitty Kitty!

Y'all. I don't know that it's possible to describe what happened at Floyd Casey last Saturday. But I'm going to try. Come on - you knew I would. :-)

Tonto had to work for this game so I wasn't really all that excited about going. Mainly because tailgating without him is usually a huge undertaking but my parents were troopers and made things very easy for me. Compared to the Homecoming game, it wasn't all that large but I still got to hang with some of my best in town peeps.

And I got to see KD sister Courtney...

...and my buddy, Natalie, from San Antonio.

When we headed over to Meet the Bears, I sent Dave a text and asked what message I was supposed to give Nick. Let's just say I delivered the message and got confirmation that the upset I'd called a week prior (no kidding - it's even documented) was indeed going to happen. 

And I was soooo calm. It was surreal.

Did I mention we were playing the #1 team in the country?!?!

After some of the best gumbo I've ever had, we made it into the stadium. And it was cold. Which I loved because, you know, FOOTBALL WEATHER.

And then it happened. Over. And over. And over again. 

We just kept scoring. And they didn't. In fact, our defense just about locked 'em down and even had one of the most amazing goal line stands I've ever witnessed in person. It. Was. Unbelievably. Believable.

To say that it was the most raucous, enthusiastic, invigorating crowd I've ever seen at The Case would be a gross understatement. It was just phenomenal. And I've never participated in "Jump Around" quite like that before. But let me just go ahead and say I'd gladly do it every week for an out come like this...

...which found one person in this picture looking giddy while the other seems stunned.

 My mom couldn't stop saying, "Those people look like they don't know what hit them" long enough to even take a picture. :-)

There were celebrations a-plenty, thousands of people rushing the field and a jubilant feeling that I haven't experienced (from a sports standpoint) since RG3 won the Heisman last year.

I am so incredibly thankful we were there and were able to experience it. When the Bears took down OU last year, Tonto and I were at home (after attending the first half) as he'd just had knee surgery eight days prior. And my parents were in Louisiana.

Hate that Dave couldn't be there because he would have been beside himself. I do, however, know that he saved some lives over the weekend and there are some parents who are mighty excited he was at the hospital instead.

I came into the office today to find this... 

...and I'm looking forward to coming in next week to find one indicating we're bowl bound.

Sic Texas Tech, boys, and let 'em know Baylor is here to stay.

Baylor we are. And Baylor we'll always be. We compete. We win. We ARE Baylor.

Monday, November 19, 2012

First Livestock Show

Saturday before last was a big day for the family as we attended our first livestock show. Well, as exhibitors anyway. I'm not sure any of us knew quite what to expect but, all in all, any expectations we had were surpassed. By a mile.

After getting all of the goats settled, we attended a goat clinic where we learned a whole lot of new information about how and how not to care for our little guy. It was enlightening and we've changed some things about his care already. And he's gained 6 pounds since we've been back. So that's fantastic news.

There was a Showmanship Clinic for all of the exhibitors where they were able to work directly with an area 4H agent who regularly judges these types of shows. The girl and her friends learned a lot. As did Bruiser who apparently responds very favorably to peer pressure. Not complaining about that at all.

After that clinic, there was another talk about goats (who knew there was so much to learn?) and then it was time for the Showmanship Competition, which is otherwise known as the first time Taylor and Bruiser would have officially been in the ring. 

Taylor with her friends Emily and Hallie in the holding ring.

Dave, my parents and I were really nervous about how he would behave. But he did FANTASTIC! And y'all should have seen Tonto sweating because he was sooooo riled up about how this would go. He loves that girl and her goat more than words can truly convey.

After such a long day, little man was exhausted. So much so that he ate and collapsed. Right before I took this pic he was actually sitting like Rambo does - on his behind with front legs straight. I have NEVER seen a goat sit like this so I'm thinking he was jus thoroughly worn out.

After a really fun evening at my parents' house (thankfully we were in Belton and that's where they now live), we headed back up very early on Sunday morning for the Prospect Shows. And, y'all, this girl was laser focused. Like nothing I've ever seen before.

Bruiser behaved very well 99.8% of the time and we were thrilled when he wasn't pulled first, which indicates last place.

We were told, at this point in his development, we wanted him in "the middle of the pack" because our county show isn't until February. Many occur in December or January so a lot of the goats need to be farther along than ours.

That being said, you can imagine our excitement when he was dead middle - 10th out of 20 in his class.

The girl has made a lot of new friends out at the farm. This is her bud, Don.

And there's Ashley in the middle with Hallie on the right.

I can't say enough about how good this experience has been. For all of us. We've become friends with everyone's parents and, y'all, these are some of the best kids I've ever been around. We are incredibly blessed she's got such a good group of pals. 

And in what could either be the most awkward or cutest photo of the weekend....

....but, either way, he loves that little fella.

Taylor had such a good time and we have two shows in December so I'm sure we'll have much more to share about our adventures with Bruiser.

And you know there's a post coming about the Bears knocking off Kansas State as well, right? :-)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Perfect Panthers

Last Friday evening was a momentous occasion as our Panthers set their sights on achieving one of the most difficult tasks in football - running the table. 

It was almost fitting that, in order to do so, they would need to beat Belton. The Tigers were one of our two losses last year and let's just say it occurred under shady circumstances. We lived in Belton for several years and that's where Dave played ball so we have some inside information about their tactics. :-)

It was a very spirited first half in which the officials completely lost control of the game and then decided to try to regain said control by throwing a bunch of personal foul flags. I'm not a fan of this approach and, judging by the reaction of those around me, it would appear I'm not alone.

In the end, though, our boys did what they've done all season - put teams away in the second half. The score ended much more lopsided by Tonto's knee wasn't a fan of the cold (and we were heading to our first stock show the next morning) so we left at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

It has been such a fun season because most of our games were not close so we could just sit back and enjoy. Or maybe I'm just talking about myself because everyone knows I do not enjoy close games. ;-)

Tonight they play Midlothian and we're really hoping they prevail so we can cheer them on next Friday. It's sort of become an after Thanksgiving tradition. 

Go Panthers! We. Will. Win.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Y'all. It's been a week. One of those weeks where you're just living day to day. Cannot look forward or plan to save your life. And, listen, this weekend won't be any better because we're off to the first livestock show of the season.

Luckily this show is in Belton so we'll be able to stay with my parents and (fingers crossed) be back in time for Taylor's volleyball practice on Sunday afternoon. Yep, that's practices have now started. And if I think much about my schedule moving forward, well, I will cry. So let's not do that, ok?

And though I'm sure there will be lots of livestock-related photos available for your viewing pleasure on Monday, right now I'll just leave you with the highlight of my week: modeling one of the women's National Championship rings. And, of course, I use the term 'modeling' very loosely. 

It is huge. I was thrilled. Obviously. Also, it's a shame that I don't love my job, isn't it? :-)

Happy weekend, friends.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Roasting the Jayhawks

After the Homecoming parade, I headed straight for Floyd Casey where Tonto was already set up for tailgating. That was awesome because I honestly hate putting that tent up. For real, y'all. Our friends Christy and Scott were already there as well and my parents showed up with the girl shortly thereafter.

But that was only the beginning because tons of other people began showing up as well. In fact, everyone I thought was going to come actually made it. Plus some. And I loved every minute of catching up.

We all hit March for the Bears (of course) and it became immediately apparent our guys were different. Relaxed. Sooo good to see.

Of course, Taylor's favorite (now that RG3 is gone) is Beau Blackshear because he's a Midway boy. She is loyal.

Coach and another Midway boy...

...and one member of the Hair Patrol - Joe Joe. :-)

I never get pics of Dave's fav player and someone he got to know really well this time last year - Nick Johnson - because he's always stopping traffic so they can get their bear hug on. True story. Also, Nick continues to deem Dave his #1 fan so every time you hear that NJ made a play, you'll immediately hear "That's my boy!" coming from Section H.

After being run down by a few of my sorority girls (from when I was an advisor) but failing to get a single picture, I finally made it back to the tailgate. Honestly, I was sooo scattered by this time that it felt like adult onset ADHD. But it was also really fun - don't get me wrong.

A bunch of other folks had shown up in my absence (s/o to my parents for being fantastic hosts) and this guy hung out with us as well....

That would be THE Kaeron Johnson who I've mentioned before is one of my favs and had to (boo!) have back surgery earlier this year, which is keeping him off the field. He and his friends (of whom I have no pictorial evidence) were lots of fun. And, after listening to this guy talk football, let's just say I know absolutely nothing. :-)

Court, Lauren and I also realized quickly that none of us have really changed that much in the past 10 years...

...and the girls wanted pics for their lockers. Of course, right?

It should also be noted that Tonto made the best brisket I've eaten for this beloved day. It. Was. Amazing.

As was seeing one of my former interns, Lyssa (the cutie in the middle), and meeting her precious friend.

And though there were so many people I did not get pictures of, I did get one of sweet Hil (whose husband, Eric, is the coolest Jayhawk I've ever met) before we headed inside.

As for the game, I'm pretty sure it was the fastest half I've ever been a part of. Or maybe it just seemed that way. We headed back to the tailgate for halftime (and missed the best BUGWB performance ever but finally found it on YouTube) and ended up staying there because of lightning and rain. And more lightning.

In the end, we won 41-14. And our defense shut the boys from Kansas down in the second half. And there was even a double rainbow so you know it was a fabulous day.

Honestly, this was the most fun I've ever had at Homecoming. Previously I've shied away from meeting up with everyone because I'm (a lot) insecure and have all these random thoughts running through my head. BUT this year I got over it and I'm so thankful for that because I've been blessed with so many fun Baylor friends and it's amazing how you immediately fall right back into friendships with your college friends.

And now we just need to knock OU off this weekend... :-)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Homecoming Parade

We've already established that Homecoming at Baylor was last weekend. And let me go ahead and tell you that it was probably one of the best Homecoming weekends I've had. Ever. For a variety of reason but mainly because I hooked up with a bunch of my sorority sisters.

I met Kim and Sherri (and their precious families) at the parade while Tonto began tailgating at 8am (don't ask) and the girl slept in (go figure, right?). It was sooo good to see them, meet their husbands and play with their precious girls.

And the parade was, as always, amazing. I mean it is the largest collegiate parade of its type. And, because the pictures speak for themselves, I'm just going to leave you with be honest, I don't always go to the parade but, y'all, it was so fun. I'm a very blessed girl...