Monday, November 19, 2012

First Livestock Show

Saturday before last was a big day for the family as we attended our first livestock show. Well, as exhibitors anyway. I'm not sure any of us knew quite what to expect but, all in all, any expectations we had were surpassed. By a mile.

After getting all of the goats settled, we attended a goat clinic where we learned a whole lot of new information about how and how not to care for our little guy. It was enlightening and we've changed some things about his care already. And he's gained 6 pounds since we've been back. So that's fantastic news.

There was a Showmanship Clinic for all of the exhibitors where they were able to work directly with an area 4H agent who regularly judges these types of shows. The girl and her friends learned a lot. As did Bruiser who apparently responds very favorably to peer pressure. Not complaining about that at all.

After that clinic, there was another talk about goats (who knew there was so much to learn?) and then it was time for the Showmanship Competition, which is otherwise known as the first time Taylor and Bruiser would have officially been in the ring. 

Taylor with her friends Emily and Hallie in the holding ring.

Dave, my parents and I were really nervous about how he would behave. But he did FANTASTIC! And y'all should have seen Tonto sweating because he was sooooo riled up about how this would go. He loves that girl and her goat more than words can truly convey.

After such a long day, little man was exhausted. So much so that he ate and collapsed. Right before I took this pic he was actually sitting like Rambo does - on his behind with front legs straight. I have NEVER seen a goat sit like this so I'm thinking he was jus thoroughly worn out.

After a really fun evening at my parents' house (thankfully we were in Belton and that's where they now live), we headed back up very early on Sunday morning for the Prospect Shows. And, y'all, this girl was laser focused. Like nothing I've ever seen before.

Bruiser behaved very well 99.8% of the time and we were thrilled when he wasn't pulled first, which indicates last place.

We were told, at this point in his development, we wanted him in "the middle of the pack" because our county show isn't until February. Many occur in December or January so a lot of the goats need to be farther along than ours.

That being said, you can imagine our excitement when he was dead middle - 10th out of 20 in his class.

The girl has made a lot of new friends out at the farm. This is her bud, Don.

And there's Ashley in the middle with Hallie on the right.

I can't say enough about how good this experience has been. For all of us. We've become friends with everyone's parents and, y'all, these are some of the best kids I've ever been around. We are incredibly blessed she's got such a good group of pals. 

And in what could either be the most awkward or cutest photo of the weekend....

....but, either way, he loves that little fella.

Taylor had such a good time and we have two shows in December so I'm sure we'll have much more to share about our adventures with Bruiser.

And you know there's a post coming about the Bears knocking off Kansas State as well, right? :-)