Friday, November 16, 2012

Perfect Panthers

Last Friday evening was a momentous occasion as our Panthers set their sights on achieving one of the most difficult tasks in football - running the table. 

It was almost fitting that, in order to do so, they would need to beat Belton. The Tigers were one of our two losses last year and let's just say it occurred under shady circumstances. We lived in Belton for several years and that's where Dave played ball so we have some inside information about their tactics. :-)

It was a very spirited first half in which the officials completely lost control of the game and then decided to try to regain said control by throwing a bunch of personal foul flags. I'm not a fan of this approach and, judging by the reaction of those around me, it would appear I'm not alone.

In the end, though, our boys did what they've done all season - put teams away in the second half. The score ended much more lopsided by Tonto's knee wasn't a fan of the cold (and we were heading to our first stock show the next morning) so we left at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

It has been such a fun season because most of our games were not close so we could just sit back and enjoy. Or maybe I'm just talking about myself because everyone knows I do not enjoy close games. ;-)

Tonight they play Midlothian and we're really hoping they prevail so we can cheer them on next Friday. It's sort of become an after Thanksgiving tradition. 

Go Panthers! We. Will. Win.