Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Roasting the Jayhawks

After the Homecoming parade, I headed straight for Floyd Casey where Tonto was already set up for tailgating. That was awesome because I honestly hate putting that tent up. For real, y'all. Our friends Christy and Scott were already there as well and my parents showed up with the girl shortly thereafter.

But that was only the beginning because tons of other people began showing up as well. In fact, everyone I thought was going to come actually made it. Plus some. And I loved every minute of catching up.

We all hit March for the Bears (of course) and it became immediately apparent our guys were different. Relaxed. Sooo good to see.

Of course, Taylor's favorite (now that RG3 is gone) is Beau Blackshear because he's a Midway boy. She is loyal.

Coach and another Midway boy...

...and one member of the Hair Patrol - Joe Joe. :-)

I never get pics of Dave's fav player and someone he got to know really well this time last year - Nick Johnson - because he's always stopping traffic so they can get their bear hug on. True story. Also, Nick continues to deem Dave his #1 fan so every time you hear that NJ made a play, you'll immediately hear "That's my boy!" coming from Section H.

After being run down by a few of my sorority girls (from when I was an advisor) but failing to get a single picture, I finally made it back to the tailgate. Honestly, I was sooo scattered by this time that it felt like adult onset ADHD. But it was also really fun - don't get me wrong.

A bunch of other folks had shown up in my absence (s/o to my parents for being fantastic hosts) and this guy hung out with us as well....

That would be THE Kaeron Johnson who I've mentioned before is one of my favs and had to (boo!) have back surgery earlier this year, which is keeping him off the field. He and his friends (of whom I have no pictorial evidence) were lots of fun. And, after listening to this guy talk football, let's just say I know absolutely nothing. :-)

Court, Lauren and I also realized quickly that none of us have really changed that much in the past 10 years...

...and the girls wanted pics for their lockers. Of course, right?

It should also be noted that Tonto made the best brisket I've eaten for this beloved day. It. Was. Amazing.

As was seeing one of my former interns, Lyssa (the cutie in the middle), and meeting her precious friend.

And though there were so many people I did not get pictures of, I did get one of sweet Hil (whose husband, Eric, is the coolest Jayhawk I've ever met) before we headed inside.

As for the game, I'm pretty sure it was the fastest half I've ever been a part of. Or maybe it just seemed that way. We headed back to the tailgate for halftime (and missed the best BUGWB performance ever but finally found it on YouTube) and ended up staying there because of lightning and rain. And more lightning.

In the end, we won 41-14. And our defense shut the boys from Kansas down in the second half. And there was even a double rainbow so you know it was a fabulous day.

Honestly, this was the most fun I've ever had at Homecoming. Previously I've shied away from meeting up with everyone because I'm (a lot) insecure and have all these random thoughts running through my head. BUT this year I got over it and I'm so thankful for that because I've been blessed with so many fun Baylor friends and it's amazing how you immediately fall right back into friendships with your college friends.

And now we just need to knock OU off this weekend... :-)


Gauger Family said...

So sorry I missed it. Looks and sounds like fun!

T.Hart said...

I'm betting you throw the best tailgate around, lady! Looks like fun. I hope to make it back one of these days!