Friday, November 9, 2012


Y'all. It's been a week. One of those weeks where you're just living day to day. Cannot look forward or plan to save your life. And, listen, this weekend won't be any better because we're off to the first livestock show of the season.

Luckily this show is in Belton so we'll be able to stay with my parents and (fingers crossed) be back in time for Taylor's volleyball practice on Sunday afternoon. Yep, that's practices have now started. And if I think much about my schedule moving forward, well, I will cry. So let's not do that, ok?

And though I'm sure there will be lots of livestock-related photos available for your viewing pleasure on Monday, right now I'll just leave you with the highlight of my week: modeling one of the women's National Championship rings. And, of course, I use the term 'modeling' very loosely. 

It is huge. I was thrilled. Obviously. Also, it's a shame that I don't love my job, isn't it? :-)

Happy weekend, friends.