Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Homecoming Parade

We've already established that Homecoming at Baylor was last weekend. And let me go ahead and tell you that it was probably one of the best Homecoming weekends I've had. Ever. For a variety of reason but mainly because I hooked up with a bunch of my sorority sisters.

I met Kim and Sherri (and their precious families) at the parade while Tonto began tailgating at 8am (don't ask) and the girl slept in (go figure, right?). It was sooo good to see them, meet their husbands and play with their precious girls.

And the parade was, as always, amazing. I mean it is the largest collegiate parade of its type. And, because the pictures speak for themselves, I'm just going to leave you with them...to be honest, I don't always go to the parade but, y'all, it was so fun. I'm a very blessed girl...