Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sun & Sand Highlights

So I'm back. Again. Finally. Maybe with some regularity now? Who knows...

What I do know is that we had an amazing vacation but, unfortunately, we ended up having to move the moment we returned (a week early) so I have no internet to upload all my pics. For now I'm relegated to what was on my phone which, turns out, was quite a bit.

We stayed in a phenomenal house that was right on the beach. We were technically in Jamaica Beach, which is about 12 miles outside of the main Galveston strip. Totally worth the extra time to drive into town to have a (basically) private beach. 

My parents drove down to stay with us during our first few days. And, because it was vacation, we immediately hit up an ice cream place. I personally think the dentist who determined this location is a marketing genius. 

On Saturday morning, I grabbed my running shoes and hit the beach. The view was spectacular. My bum knee wasn't so appreciative of the uneven sand surfaces but we managed to push through.

Soon after, we set up camp for the day. And we were, of course, reppin' BU.

Rambo was too cool for school.

After a full morning of waves, sand and sun, we headed to The Strand for some shopping. And my girl talked Tonto into a henna tattoo.

After dinner at Fisherman's Wharf, I basically passed out from all the fun of the day. Tay and I woke at 4:30am to hail - yes, HAIL - beating down on the hurricane shutters. Seemed to me that should be illegal during August in Texas but no one cared about my opinion.

Turned out to be a beautiful day except for the fact that my parents left for home. I drug my man out that evening for a little golfing fun. I had a 4-stroke lead heading into the last hole but he used some psychological manipulation and we ended up tying. :-)

Monday the adrenaline junkies (me and Tay) won out and we spent the day at Schlitterbahn.

And Rambo sported his beach look.

Tuesday was a big day because someone turned 2 years old...

...and these crazy kids celebrated their 9th anniversary. 

Wednesday night we headed to Pleasure Pier and Bubba Gump's.

And Thursday we lounged on the beach all day, ate tons of bad-for-you snacks and enjoyed our last day in paradise. While I was packing, a rainbow appeared. I thought that meant we should just stay but reality awaits, right?

And a crazy reality it turned out to be but, honestly, it wouldn't be our life if there wasn't a certain level of crazy on a daily basis. :-)


Gauger Family said...

Looks like you were really busy but had fun! Love the BU tent!!