Monday, September 24, 2012

What Exactly is a Bearkat?

Still catching up...almost there, y'all...

The second game of the season brought the Sam Houston State Bearkats to town. Now, I'm not exactly sure how a Bearkat differs from a Bearcat but, you know, whatever. All I wanted to do was beat them. Well, that's not exactly true...I wanted to maul them because they had been talking mad amounts of trash, truth be told.

First up was, of course, tailgating. We had some new faces this time and it was soooo fun. All the single ladies...

My friend, Christy, is one of the most precious people I know. She's just so genuinely sweet. And my girl (who loves about 25 in this picture) loves her too.

Logan (Dave's son) and his girlfriend, Kaitlyn. This was the first time I met her and she's awesome. And later I learned she doesn't like the Cowboys so, you know, we're kindred spirits.

Just the four of us...

Sharla is one of my best buds. Absolutely love her. And her hubby, James, is pretty awesome too. She's the one who makes the fun hats we're sporting this season.

And their nephew, Brett.

Family resemblance, much? Also, I feel the need to mention Tonto only wore this shirt to cook. He changed into a Baylor polo but I have no photographic proof.

Sibling love?

Christy and her man, Scott! these two...

And we can't leave out Larna, Adam and sweet Brooklyn, who Dave took care of when she was a wee tiny baby.

We did eventually head into the stadium and experience the first half. It was rough, y'all. Let's just say we got off to a bit of a slow start. Tonto and I hit the tailgating spot again during halftime. As we were packing up to go back in, Baylor scored. And then turned around and recovered a fumble.

Because we're nothing if not highly superstitious when it comes to football, we stayed in the parking lot and made some new friends who travel with really large television screens. :-)

We left about five minutes into the fourth quarter and we scored. Twice. Immediately. So as much as I love the Bears, I'm beginning to think my presence isn't a positive. And I'm absolutely ok with that...willing to take one for the team any time necessary, y'all.

And can we just take a minute to appreciate the Bears beating ULM on Friday evening? Undefeated heading into conference play with minimal injuries is the goal. And we achieved it...end of story. Doesn't matter how it happened. 

And now it's time to Sic WVU. ;-)