Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Midway Homecoming 2012

Last Friday night was the moment we'd been waiting for all week - the Midway Homecoming game! The girl asked me to make her a mum this year and Tonto insisted I do so that she wouldn't be tempted to go with a boy. He's very adamant about this whole "no boys allowed" thing...so I hauled T's sweet self to Hobby Lobby last week and let her pick out all the adornments she wanted because, at this point in the game, I fully realize what I pick out will not be correct. :-)

After donning her new Midway FFA t-shirt, jeans and boots, it was time...

...and I personally think it turned out really well. You know, after my obsessive compulsive self spent two days tweaking it to ensure it was just right.

As I looked at her, it really hit me like a ton of bricks that time has passed. Quickly. And, though I'm so proud of my beautiful (and very tall!) girl, she really is not my baby any longer. Sigh...

Once inside the stadium, she ditched me for her friends. As usual. But that's ok - she had a fantastic time.

And the Midway boys brought it. As usual.

All the usual Homecoming festivities were in full force and it was, of course, super crowded.

Tonto was home laid up with knee pain ('tis the season) so I hung out with my boss (who's also a good friend) and her family. Super. Awesome. Fun.

In the end, we beat Killeen handily. And that's the type of game I enjoy. One without much stress and in which the good guys are waaaay ahead almost the entire time.

After the game, Tay and her friends headed to FBC Woodway where they attended Hoop Dee Doo. Basically, they stay out ALLLL night long. From Poppa Rollo's and the movies to skating and bowling, they were a might bit active. Which meant they were exhausted when I picked them up at 7am the next morning.

But - praise to the heavens - she slept all day. Which meant this mama got a much needed break and was able to be productive at the house. So, you know, long live Homecoming!