Friday, October 19, 2012

In Which You See How Random My Thoughts Truly Are

It's finally Friday. And I'm so thankful this week is almost over I can hardly see straight. It's Homecoming week for the girl and loads of other activity, which means sleep hasn't been plentiful. But that's ok. October tries to kill me every year. And it hasn't succeeded yet. Plus, it's almost over. :-)

All that said, here's a little sampling of what we've been up to this past week. Ton o' time spent walking...

...staring at...

...and getting kisses from this sweet guy.

We also headed to the fair...

...where we enjoyed the rodeo and a concert...

...while the girl and one of her sweet friends rode all kinds of spinning rides and played carnival games where she won a bear hat. Literally, a bear.

This sweet guy still has my heart...

...and I confirmed - yet again - that I really HATE messing up good hair for a workout.

Our area rug finally came in. Tonto wondered if I could possibly find one that was more wild. No. No, I could not.

During lunch one day I hit the farm supply store (yep, this is my new life) where I found Red Solo Cup Stems. Surely this will be on many wedding registries.

My man celebrated five years at Hillcrest. So proud of him and what he does every day.

It's fall, y'all. Which means our lobby looks like this...we like to call him Hedge Bear.

And, finally, while shopping last week I found which I promptly replied, "Not likely." And then TT went on to beat WVU. I shall no longer mock the Raiders. :-)

After tonight's big Homecoming game, I'm hoping to get back on track finishing up the house. Paint for the entry, hallways and game room has been sitting around waiting for someone to use it. Though I've waited 10 days, it looks like the walls truly will not paint themselves. Who knew? :-)

Happy weekend, friends.