Wednesday, October 17, 2012


While the girl and her friends were skating on Friday evening, Tonto and I headed to the Ferrell Center for Moonlight Madness. Alone. Except that we met up with some friends but, still, it was all adults. In other words, a glorious time was had by all. 

This year the defending National Champion Lady Bears joined the party and were sporting their finest New Orleans-type attire. They even threw beads to the crowd. I'll give you two guesses where the Final Four is being held this year. And the first one doesn't count...

Brady Heslip cracks me up. And he also rains 3's like nobody's business. Seriously.

Only Pierre would arrive sporting a cape. Love him. And AJ as well...even though I did recently learn he owns a pet snake and that creeps me out a bit.

Brittney joined the dunk contest.

And this is Ricardo Gathers. He's a freshman. From Louisiana. Does he look like a freshman to y'all because, to me, he looks like a grown man. Gotta love Louisiana. :-)

My fav pic from the evening. Not really sure why but I love it.

And P-Jack, who gave us all a minor heart attack when he tweaked his leg on a dunk. We need this fella.

All in all, it was sooo fun. And we got glow in the dark t-shirts. Which I learned earlier this week is distracting to sleep in...but we're definitely ready for basketball season. Bring. It.