Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Randomocity at Its Finest

This is incredibly random so, you know, that means it's par for the course around here. 

Anyway, I finally broke down and bought this (at Tonto's insistence) and I absolutely LOVE it. Had no idea they have a lifetime warranty, no receipt required, or I would have pulled the trigger long ago.

This will change your life. Or at least your mood. Promise.

I was left alone (read: unsupervised) in Hobby Lobby over the weekend. Absolutely loved this find but it doesn't really go with my decor so I just took a picture instead. That doesn't mean it's not true, though. :-)

Sunday was our annual "have church at the fair" day. Which meant I got to break these bad boys out. While it's true that I spend most of my time in boots these days, these are my fav so they don't make it out to the farm often.

This will also change your life. But only if you're low-carbing it. Hello, pasta! Just in time for fall.

How do you tell this face 'no'? Because I clearly haven't figured it out yet.

Also broke these out recently. LOVE.

Proof that I've been to the fair. Though I haven't ridden any death contraptions. Yet.

The girl, three of her friends and I went to the Hot Chelle Rae concert to kick off the fair last Thursday. Sooo fun. And educational. And enlightening. Seriously. 
(Yes, I've gotten a haircut since this pic was taken. Out. Of. Control.)

New installment of Team Brandi shirts arrived last week. October always makes me think about this special friend...

Arrived home from the above mentioned concert to find, he's not spoiled. At all. And, yes, that is my pillow he's occupying.

The house is finally starting to come together.

And if you want to smell delightful, know that Bath & Body Works has their fall and winter fragrance collection on the shelves. I'm constantly asked what I'm wearing (mainly in elevators, which is kind of odd) and it's always some type of B&BW. Always.

I would not actually wear Creamy Pumpkin, though it's a great anti-bac (remember, I live with a germ-o-phobe healthcare worker) and it makes me want to eat my hands. :-)

So, yeah, that's all you'll find going on around here. 

Random? Yes. Our general state of being? Absolutely.