Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Down on the Farm

Yes, I've become a bad blogger. Again. I would give you my song and dance about being crazy busy but, honestly, you hear that this time each year. 

October is always crazy with the fair, Tay's birthday, football (both Midway and Baylor) and our regular commitments. But this year is particularly nuts because of Bruiser and my obsession with getting our house completely finished as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, the above is how we're spending all of our time. But there are definite perks to the many changes that have occurred in our lives throughout the past month. For one, this face does me in every time.

He's still rooming with his brothers (for now) and they are sooo precious together.

As are some of his neighbors...

...who also like to pose...

...and the addition of babies last week certainly took the cuteness factor up a few notches.

All of the early mornings and weekends are also upping my coffee consumption. Dramatically.

But Tonto also taught Bruiser to give kisses so, basically, it's now completely worth any inconvenience.

I've spent more time in boots lately than I ever imagined. We even went to the goat show at the HOT Fair on Friday to get a feel for what we've signed up for. I learned that there's lots of bling, copious shopping and really bad for you food at every turn. What more could a girl ask for, y'all? 

A cold front blew in over the weekend and, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts with a canvas (too big for our guy) and a t-shirt (also too large and his brothers ate part of it), we finally figured out a dog sweater fits our guy perfectly. And he's also ready for Halloween! :-)

And that's what's happening down on the farm...