Wednesday, September 28, 2011

March O' the Bears

Last Saturday was filled with festivities of the green and gold persuasion as we welcomed Rice University to Floyd Casey Stadium. Judging from the attitudes of said university's coaches and players, they weren't as thrilled to be there as we were to have them but that's a story for another day. Or tomorrow. 

Luckily, I actually remembered my camera this week so there's some eye candy here other than 1,000 random words typed by yours truly.

There he is, friends. Robert Griffin III. Otherwise known as one of Taylor's best buds. :-) And the big guy behind and to the right is Cyril Richardson who has a mane that could be featured in a Head & Shoulders commercial. Watch out, Palamolu!

RG3 and Terrance Ganaway, who I saw last week and was incredibly friendly.

The man with the defensive plan - Phil Bennett. I also saw him recently and he told me Baylor fans "sure are friendly."

Yes. Yes, we are.

Big Griff (aka Robert T. Griffin) - also a really nice guy who has a very tender heart. Off the field anyway. On the field he is a force to be reckoned with, friends.

In the hat you'll see Mike Hicks, a local boy, who is the interception king!

Beau Blackshear, former Midway standout, gives us his best smirk :-)

Receivers, friends. They. Are. Amazing.

Hello, Big D!

Coach Art Briles - an offensive genius. A genius who laughed heartily when I told him at Meet the Bears that I wanted our team to make TCU cry. I believe we may have succeeded....

Mr. Hardworking Player of the Game. No kidding - amazing tackles and an interception run back for a TD. Also a former Midway standout.

After the march, we headed back to our tailgating tent for some fried chicken, chips and dip, sandwiches and cookie cake. YUM!

These two had a blast at the game getting their face painted, eating snowcones and just being fun-loving 'tween girls...

My mom wasn't feeling well so she stayed at home but Boppy was being bold in his gold shirt. He also brought a television so we could watch OSU come back and dash the dream of Texas A&M. So, basically, he was big hit at the ol' tailgate!

Our friends, Scott and Christy, who we also go to church with...they're a super fun and sweet couple.

And this concludes our pre-game activities. It was really hot but not 112 degrees like the TCU game so I guess complaining really isn't wise lest those temps return. 

It was a super fun afternoon leading up to the game and we had great food, fellowship and fun. So grateful for these memories...even if I did my fair share of whining while putting the tent up. Boy, I can't wait for Tonto to be able to attend again in November! :-)

Happy Wednesday, y'all...