Monday, September 19, 2011

Consider them Axed

It seems that in the fall I always find myself posting about the football game(s) we attended over the weekend. And while that may seem a bit redundant, I'm totally ok with this pattern. :-)

Saturday's  showdown was with Stephen F. Austin University (aka SFA) and I must say their fans was really nice. And super entertaining. Also, they like to smoke. A lot.

We got there early to grab a prime tailgating spot and set up quickly for an afternoon o'fun. I realized on the way to the stadium that I had forgotten both my camera and game program (I'm cheap - I buy one a year and bring it to each game to identify players) at home. Basically, what that means is the photos are limited and aren't the greatest quality.

You're welcome.

After getting all of our gear set up, we grabbed a cold beverage and headed over to where the buses arrive for March of the Bears. My Diet Coke looked super cute in the Baylor cups my mom found :-)

I really love March of the Bears because I think it's fun to see the players' personalities and to see them off the field. I do, however, wish they would wear their numbers on their track suits, though, because sometimes I have a hard time identifying them without a helmet...

No mistaking this man, though - Coach Art Briles (CAB)

This is Ahmad Dixon, who attended high school where my girl does so he's a bit of a local celebrity. He tweeted after the game that he suffered a broken nose so we're praying for healing. Since I've done that a couple of times myself, my guess is he's better now because after a couple of days mind just seemed to go numb. Like, completely numb. :-)

Kendall Wright (#1) - our amazing wide receiver. Remember that name, friends. You'll hear it again.

Got to love the literal game faces, don't ya?

The guy in the white hat is Mike Hicks. He's caught an interception in each of our games. He's also a local boy. Really good kid.

After the march, we headed back to grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers. Well, Tonto grilled and we cheered but it tasted great all the same...

Upon heading into the game, a fan from SFA grabbed my man (out of nowhere) and wanted to know if he had "prepared his heart for the upset." I have no words for this, y'all, except that it was hysterical. Like I said, they were friendly folks.

Friendly folks who lost the game, though, as the Bears racked up 48 points in three quarters while our defense stepped up and allowed 0 on their end. Lightning and rain (thank you, Jesus) ended the game early but not before RG3 literally took to their air, did a flip over a defended, and stuck the landing right in front of the Baylor Line. 

It was heart stopping. And also awesome.

This week we have both a high school and Baylor game. Assuming I actually remember my camera, I'll be back again this time next week to thrill you with our pigskin adventures! :-)


Pauline said...

random question. . .why does Art Briles always wear long sleeves? Thought if anyone would know, you would. ;)

Casi said...

I'm not really sure why he wears long sleeves outside of the games but he wears them during the game so they can distinguish his arm signals from anyone else's.

It's definitely a trademark of his, though. When they were celebrating after the TCU game, he took his shirt off and flung it over his head. Elliott Coffey just stood in the corner and said, "I've never even seen his arms before..." :-)