Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day of the Bear

Thursday before last - April 19 - was a very special day on Baylor's campus as celebrated the annual "Day of the Bear." Better known as Diadeloso, this is a day off from classes for all students and faculty (but not necessarily staff since it's end of the budget year :-) to enjoy games, food and a music festival.

Most students groups/organizations host a booth with a game of some sort. They range from a pie in the face to the ol' fishing game but it's a lot of fun for smaller kids. And for older ones, like mine, this is an annual bone of contention because it always occurs right before state mandated standardized testing so we don't take her out of reviews to attend. Insert her sad face here...

There are tons of musical artists lined up and this year, quite frankly, everything about Dia seemed bigger and better than ever before. From the promotional materials to the stage to the acts, which included a man and woman who did lots of "human tricks." :-)

There were also camels. Yes, camel rides. No, we did not participate but only because the line was really long and I had to get back to the office.

Tonto and I did have a nice lunch with other faculty, staff and students and then we milled about campus a bit. We stopped off at the new NPHC garden on campus, which includes a monument stone and pavers (in addition to other info) about each of the NPHC sororities and fraternities. There's also a general Baylor area as well...

...and we also strolled by the residence hall I lived in my freshman year. Lots of things have changed about it and its surroundings but nothing can change the many memories that place holds for me.

Baylor truly does have a beautiful campus. Blessed to be here, for sure.

And if you don't believe me, come by for a visit some time. :-)

Such a fun day that provided a bit of a break for the busy season. Thankful to share memories of this annual event with my man. Sometimes it's good to have events that you share only with each other, right? That's what I keep telling myself when the mommy guilt creeps in. :-)