Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Purple Crush

So...I sort of dropped off the map last week. Why? Well, mainly because I only had pics to accompany one post and never got around to uploading them but also because there just wasn't much going on. The girl went to the waterpark with friends on Tuesday and had a softball tourney on Friday (more to come there) but, other than that, school is winding down and so are our activities.

Last week was much quieter now that volleyball season is over. While we do have our Monday and Thursdays back, it's somewhat bittersweet as Taylor will never play at Woodway Family Center again. She'll be going to two volleyball camps this summer and doing some weight training in hopes of making the middle school team in August.

This is really the only sport she cares about so I'm praying with all I have that she'll get a spot on that team. I don't even care if it's the B team...just don't want it to be over. :-)

After a lackluster last game (though T and a couple others did well), we had a pizza and cupcake party in one of the party rooms at WFC. You'll notice that my daughter smiles for other parents' pics...

...but not so much for her own. Guess that's typical, huh?

She has been #7 every season she's played...

...and I've gotten poses like this just about every season as well.

Coach Jane was really good and we appreciated her time so much. T really improved under her tutelage.

Back to the party - we were in charge of dessert so I thought a cupcake cake in the shape of a volleyball would be fun. T wanted a purple volleyball. And then couldn't understand why it didn't actually look like one...um, because it's purple? :-)

Regardless of looks, they were delicious despite what you'll hear from my family. They aren't fans of buttercream icing. No, I don't understand it either.

T and friends enjoying pizza and surrounded by tons o' end of season sweet treats.

The evening concluded with Coach Jane handing out medals.

And saying goodbye to some sweet friends.

It was a great season, Purple Crush! Here's to more volleyball in the future...

...I hope. :-)